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Michelle Bachmann

  1. hillary clinton
    Michele Bachmann Just Threw Some Serious Shade at Hillary ClintonWe didn’t see this coming.
  2. second comings
    Jesus Coming Soon, Says Michele BachmannThe former congresswoman says that with the Rapture rapidly approaching, it’s time to convert everyone, “even among the Jews.”
  3. bachmann ambition overdrive
    Muslim Brotherhood Also Thinks Bachmann’s McCarthyist Accusation Is Crazy“The Muslim Brotherhood can’t even penetrate the Egyptian government.”
  4. conspiracy theories
    Huma Abedin Gets Extra Police Protection After a New Jersey man threatened her life. 
  5. history repeating itself
    GOP Blasts Bachmann’s ‘McCarthyistic Witch Hunt’She’s finally found the limit to what Republicans will tolerate.
  6. impolitic
    Santorum Rises As Bachmann Falls in IowaHow Bachmann lost a key aide — and maybe lied about it — as Santorum became the latest not-Romney candidate to surge in the polls.
  7. impolitic
    Heilemann: Gingrich Disciplined, Aggressive, Triumphant at Iowa DebateFive reasons why the new front-runner emerged unscathed from his first turn in the debate spotlight.
  8. Remaining GOP Candidates in Policy-Heavy Fox News ForumOn Mike Huckabee’s show last night.
  9. apologies
    Jimmy Fallon Apologizes to Michele Bachmann for Roots’ Dis140 characters’ worth of sorry.
  10. the gods must be crazy
    God Practically Begging Michelle Bachmann to Run for PresidentShe feels “a calling.”