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Michelle Fields

  1. today in donald trump
    Trump Campaign Manager’s Battery Charge DroppedTrump personally called the prosecutor’s office and urged them to do “the right thing.”
  2. mistakes were made
    Donald Trump Admits He Makes MistakesAre there finally some cracks in the candidate’s veneer of infallibility?
  3. today in donald trump
    Reporter in Trump Battery Case Forced From HomeMichelle Fields says she’s been receiving threats since her address was made public.
  4. today in donald trump
    Trump ‘Got’ a Lawyer for His Campaign Manager Charged With Battery “Corey has his own problems. I got him a lawyer.”
  5. breitbart.com
    Turmoil Continues at Breitbart Over Response to Alleged Assault of ReporterMichelle Fields isn’t the only person at the website who’s disappointed with how they’ve responded to her claim that she was assaulted by Donald Trump’s campaign manager.
  6. donald trump
    Trump Campaign: Roughed-Up Journo Total WhinerOnly in 2016!