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  1. CPAC Is Going to Be a Trump-FestWhatever past conservative issues with Donald Trump, this year’s CPAC is a testament to his conquest of the movement.
  2. Rush Limbaugh: Donald Trump Is Not Afraid of Fox NewsThis war is tearing this country’s right-wing blowhards apart.
  3. the national interest
    How Jason Richwine Passed Immigration ReformHe dies for our sins.
  4. early and awkward
    Michelle Malkin Derides Liberals Through Humorous Dance VideoOur favorite is the “Sequester Shake,” because we have no idea what it means.
  5. early and often
    Voter Fraud the Latest Thing Threatening to Destroy America, Says Tea PartyIt’s an “epidemic,” they claim. “No, it’s not,” say the facts.
  6. family vacations
    Obama’s Vacation Location Faces CriticismAnd what are the political implications of the president’s ice-cream choice?
  7. early and awesome
    ‘Bastards. Bastards All.’Michelle Malkin confirms that Sarah Palin’s e-mail account was indeed hacked this morning, and has some wise words for those who would mess with the Alaska governor.
  8. cultural capital
    Fox Apologizes for Calling Michelle Obama a ‘Baby Mama’Yet the network refuses to apologize for making a bad rhyme.
  9. in other news
    Michelle Malkin Quits O’Reilly After Nasty Three-WayWe guess Michelle Malkin won’t be coming to town to guest-host for Bill O’Reilly anymore. She just quit forever, after a three-way conservative-pundit street fight that has left our minds reeling a little bit. For those weren’t paying attention (we weren’t, until now), what happened was this: Crazy attention whore Geraldo Rivera told the Boston Globe that crazy attention whore Malkin was “the most vile, hateful commentator I’ve ever met … It’s good she’s in D.C. and I’m in N.Y. I’d spit on her if I saw her.” Later, when O’Reilly asked him if he wanted to say something about it on the show because, he said, Malkin’s “feelings were hurt.” (Saying this he came across, weirdly, as almost grandfatherly and sane.) Rivera did apologized for his “ungentlemanly” and “ungallant” words — “I never spit!” he said — but couldn’t help qualifying that he disagreed with everything Malkin said and basically indicating that he thought she was an asshole.