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  1. the supremes
    Sotomayor’s Epic Affirmative-Action-Ban DissentThe court ruled against her 6 to 2.
  2. equal rites
    Michigan’s Ban on Gay Marriage Also UnconstitutionalThe latest to fall.
  3. Frank Rich on the National Circus: America’s Real Fiscal CrisisWho’s really hurting workers? The Koch brothers, for starters.
  4. the national interest
    In Michigan, the Republican Will to PowerWhy these Republican-controlled states keep starting huge fights.
  5. stitches for sympathy votes
    Owner of Dog That Bit Michigan Politician Lets Her Put Campaign Sign on His LawnState Legislature candidate Ann Dolye calls it a “sympathy vote.”
  6. oopsies
    Michigan GOP Error in Romney’s Favor: Collect Sixteen Total DelegatesWhoops!
  7. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney’s Unimpressive Michigan Win Gets Even Less ImpressiveHe won just as many delegates as Rick Santorum.
  8. gop 2012
    Romney Prevails in MichiganBut not without a scare.
  9. early and often
    Great (Lakes) Expectations: What Michigan’s Results Will MeanRomney is going to have to do more than just win to impress people.
  10. early and often
    Latest Poll: Romney Takes Small Lead Over Santorum in MichiganTwo percent.
  11. politics
    Poll: Santorum’s Michigan Lead Down to FourSubject to change.
  12. stuck in the mittle
    Michigan Governor to Endorse RomneyIt can’t hurt. Probably.
  13. politics
    Santorum Is the Next George Washington, According to Michigan AdThey’re pretty much the same person.
  14. mariage equality
    Michigan Mayor Lost Love for NYC When ‘Queers’ Started Getting MarriedAn old Facebook update has led to calls for her resignation.
  15. questionable judgment
    Gay-Hating Michigan Assistant District Attorney Sued by the Target of His RantsChris Armstrong is getting his revenge on Andrew Shirvell.
  16. kids these days
    Fourteen-Year-Old Michigan Student Awesomely Stands Up for Suspended, Gay-Defending TeacherHow cool is this guy?
  17. questionable judgment
    Homophobic Assistant Attorney General Tells the Daily Show He’s Being Harassed by Crazy PeopleHilarity ensues.
  18. questionable judgment
    Homophobic Assistant Attorney General Takes a Personal Leave, His Boss Takes the BlameAndrew Shirvell takes a leave of absence, faces a disciplinary hearing when he returns.
  19. questionable judgment
    Homophobic Assistant Attorney General Gets to Keep His Job Despite Harassing Student PresidentAndrew Shirvell’s boss says he may be “a bully,” but that’s not illegal in the U.S. of A.
  20. questionable judgment
    Assistant Attorney General Started a Blog to Harass Gay Student-Body PresidentThe assistant AG exercised his first amendment rights to post a picture of the student with a swastika and gay pride flag.
  21. precog hate crime
    Michigan Christians: Hate-Crime Laws Infringe on Our Right to Be HatefulA federal judge dismisses their lawsuit.
  22. early and awesome
    Every Once in a While, One Vote Really Does Make a DifferenceTwo candidates in Michigan are separated by just one vote out of more than 54,000.
  23. McCain to Pull Out of MichiganPulling out of a hot battleground where you have been slowly losing over a long period of time? Is this the McCain we know?
  24. ad wars
    Obama’s Latest Attack Ad Is Just SillyThe ad attacks McCain for owning (get ready to gasp) … three foreign-made cars! Out of thirteen!
  25. early and often
    Democrats File Suit in Michigan Over Reported GOP ‘Caging’ TacticsAfter a local reporter wrote about a supposed GOP strategy to bar voters suffering from foreclosure from the polls, state Democrats took it to the courts.
  26. early and often
    So NOW What Is Clinton Gonna Do?Will she fight the Michigan decision at the convention? Is she angling for 2012? Or will she bow out gracefully in the coming days? The country is looking for answers!
  27. early and often
    Michigan and Florida: A Solution Is at Hand, But What Is It?The Democrats will finally end the dispute over the renegade states’ delegates when the Rules and Bylaws Committee meets this Saturday.
  28. early and often
    Florida Says No to Revote, Michigan ConfusedWith the news yesterday that Florida is putting the kibosh on a Democratic-primary revote, the state has solidified its reputation as the place where votes go to die. A statement from Florida’s Democratic chairwoman, Karen Thurman, read, “We researched every potential alternative process — from caucuses to county conventions to mail-in elections — but no plan could come anywhere close to being viable in Florida.” Meanwhile, Michigan Democrats are also trying to make some kind of revote possible, but the logistics are complicated and the candidates themselves are dubious. Hillary Clinton would like to seat the delegates from the original vote even though Barack Obama wasn’t even on the ballot. And Obama doesn’t need the risk of losing Michigan while actually on the ballot or the few extra delegates he could gain from winning. Pundits — dissect!
  29. early and often
    Facing the Facts on Florida and MichiganIt’s been one thing after another in the Democratic primaries, from hand-wringing over superdelegates to confusion over the Texas “primacaucus” process. Another headache is now moving to the forefront: With the race so tight, what to do about Florida and Michigan, whose delegates the DNC refused to seat after the states were warned not to schedule their primaries so early? Yesterday, DNC chair Howard Dean laid out two ideas: The states can submit a plan for a new selection process or they can wait until the summer and ask the party’s Convention Credentials Committee to resolve the dispute. And so the wrangling begins in earnest.
  30. early and often
    Should Superdelegates Follow the ‘Will of the People’? Or, Uh, Not? Whether you think superdelegates are as useless as a third nipple or a great way to get the party elite more involved in the nomination process, you have to at least admit they’ve made for very interesting political discussion. And despite a certain candidate’s momentum, said superdelegates are going to have to help decide this thing. Obama says the superdelegates should follow the “will of the people” (a phrase that will be used seven times in this post) by supporting whoever has more pledged delegates; Clinton maintains that the superdelegates should do whatever they think is best. Both positions, of course, reflect where each camp expects to stand after the last primary votes are tallied on June 7, in Puerto Rico. But like a lot of things in this race, the debate over superdelegates isn’t quite so simple. Plus, a bonus round: Should the regular Florida and Michigan delegates be seated?
  31. early and often
    Great Lakes, Great Times: The Michigan PrimaryHey voters, don’t let the Democrats steal Michigan’s thunder tonight. There may be a much-anticipated battle between Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama (how do you effectively spar when walking on eggshells?), and John Edwards (and Kucinich maybe) tonight in Nevada, but don’t forget the Republicans are doing something, too. They’re actually, you know, voting, which is kind of a relief. And the results might have a big effect on the rest of the race. If Romney loses, many suspect it’ll be the effective end of his campaign: a third big loss in a state where he spent three times as much on TV as any other candidate ($2 million) and where he actually was born. Unlike McCain, he doesn’t have the luxury of spending part of today spinning a possible loss and looking forward to South Carolina. According to the most recent polls, McCain and Romney are head-to-head, pulling in around 30 percent of voters each. But turnout across the state so far has been low, and since the state allows independents to vote in party primaries, those numbers are increasingly unreliable. All of which basically means nobody knows who is going to pull it off. Pollsters and pundits are wary of making any predictions today. So if you must watch the Democratic debate, make sure you keep checking the Republican results. Because it’s going to be fun as hell to watch all those TV talking heads say “I told you so” later on tonight, when in fact they told you nothing at all.