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  1. South Carolina Special House Election: GOP Brawling and Slim Democratic HopesOn Tuesday, both parties will hold multi-candidate primaries for the seat formerly held by Trump budget director Mick Mulvaney.
  2. There Could Be a Ton of Drama in Washington This WeekPossibly a government shutdown crisis, the return of Trumpcare, and the unveiling of the president’s tax-reform plan — or none of the above.
  3. Schumer Laughs Off Trump’s ‘Border Wall for Health Care’ DealFirst Trump tried to hold Obamacare hostage for Democratic cooperation with Trumpcare. Now it’s the border wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for.
  4. Mulvaney Pushes ‘Sanctuary City’ Crackdown That May Lead to Government ShutdownTrump’s OMB director has tossed another inflammatory issue into the mix.
  5. the national interest
    Trump Budget Director Admits Their Goal Is High Inequality, Not Low DeficitsMick Mulvaney says the quiet part loud.
  6. the national interest
    Trump Budget Director: Health Care for All Actually Means Jailing PeopleMick Mulvaney explains that Trump’s promise to cover everybody means mass imprisonment so he has to break it.
  7. 4 Reasons Why the Trump Budget Cuts Won’t HappenMeals on Wheels, Big Bird, and AmeriCorps are likely to survive.
  8. White House Says Cutting Meals on Wheels Is ‘Compassionate’“I think it’s probably one of the most compassionate things we can do,” Mulvaney said, of slashing funding for food assistance to the elderly.
  9. Trump Budget a Blast From the Conservative PastTrump’s budget outline is a very conventionally conservative document wrapped in bristling “America First” packaging, but not a very serious proposal.
  10. How the GOP Might Fudge the Numbers to Make Trumpcare Seem Less IrresponsibleOn the brink of what many fear will be a terrible-looking “score” of its health-care bill, congressional Republicans may just get a new scorekeeper.
  11. Trump’s Budget Director Playing Key Role in Obamacare Replacement DramaFor Mick Mulvaney, this is part of the big project of privatizing Social Security and Medicare.
  12. Mick Mulvaney’s Job Will Be a NightmareWith no time to spare and no margin for error, the new OMB director must somehow give Congress guidance after resolving his differences with Trump.
  13. Senate Confirms Fiscal Hawk Mick Mulvaney As Trump’s Budget DirectorThe now-former congressman has yet to meet a budget cut he doesn’t like.
  14. Trump’s Budget Director Choice Is Ominous Sign of Conservative Extremism to ComePicking tea-partier Mike Mulvaney for the key post indicates Trump will go after domestic spending with a fury.
  15. trump transition
    Trump Nominates a Fiscal Megahawk to Direct Federal BudgetMick Mulvaney is a tea-party hard-liner who will undoubtedly work to cut or privatize as much of the government as he possibly can.
  16. Infighting
    Conservatives Angle for Huge Budget Cuts [Update]Republicans are finding they can’t please everybody.