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  1. technology
    Sam Altman and OpenAI Are Victims of Their Own HypeThe reaction to his firing says more about the anxiety around artificial intelligence and whether it can actually make a profit.
  2. technology
    Sam Altman’s Job at Microsoft Will Be Harder Than EverWhat’s next after the tech coup of the century?
  3. screen time
    The AI Chatbot Assistants Are Here. Do We Actually Want Them?Sometimes I just want to use my computer, not tell it what to do.
  4. screen time
    How AI Will Change the News Business: 3 TheoriesThe media industry is panicky. The tech companies are opaque. But some scenarios are starting to take shape.
  5. screen time
    Is ChatGPT Getting Dumber?Many early users say so. But maybe the AI bot is just done with them.
  6. screen time
    Why Bing Is Being CreepyIt’s doing what it was trained to do by reading our stories and absorbing our anxieties. (Not that Microsoft is happy about it.)
  7. screen time
    Why Artificial Intelligence Often Feels Like MagicThis is no ordinary next big thing for Silicon Valley.
  8. bill gates
    The Dirt Piles on Bill Gates Following Divorce AnnouncementNew reports detail how Gates allegedly pursued women who worked for him at Microsoft and his foundation — and deeper ties to Jeffrey Epstein.
  9. pivot
    Microsoft Buying Discord Would Be 2021’s Best AcquisitionThe tech giant is canny about the companies it wants to snap up.
  10. tiktok
    Oracle to Partner With TikTok in the U.S. After Microsoft Deal Is RejectedThe partnership comes two days before Trump’s deadline for a deal to remove control of the video-sharing app from its Chinese-owned parent company.
  11. tiktok
    What’s Going on With Trump’s TikTok Ban and the Microsoft Deal?As TikTok users continue to hold their looped breath, Microsoft is again trying to acquire the app after dealing with some Trump-prompted confusion.
  12. the cloud
    Google’s Video-Game Platform Wants to Replace Your Console With the CloudThe company unveiled an aggressive push this week to demonstrate parity with more mature console systems.
  13. cloud chasing
    Are We Reaching ‘Peak Cloud’?Has the market reached the point where nearly everyone who needs a cloud computing solution already has it?
  14. microsoft
    Paul Allen Turned Microsoft Into a ColossusAfter convincing high-school friend Bill Gates to drop out of college and start a software company called Micro-Soft, Allen helped change the world.
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    Holy Crap, Am I a Microsoft Surface Fanboy?They’re the laptops that Apple should be making.
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    Why Is This Man Going to Prison for Copying Free Repair Software?Eric Lundgren made 28,000 unauthorized copies of software you can legally download for free. Now he’s headed to federal prison for 15 months.
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    I Had to Teach My Alexa That Eggplants Were FruitEgg-plant, egg-plahnt. Let’s call the whole thing off.
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    Jaron Lanier Q&A: ‘We Won, and We Turned Into Assholes’Tech pioneer Jaron Lanier discusses the sinking feeling you get when you’re quoted by Mark Zuckerberg, and everything else bad about the internet.
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    We Need More Monopoly, Not LessJust let one tech giant win.
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    How PlayerUnknown Created the Biggest Gaming Phenomenon of the YearThis year’s breakout hit arrives on console today.
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    U.S. v. Microsoft Proved That Antitrust Can Keep Tech Power in CheckRevisiting a definitive antitrust case.
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    Microsoft Has Got Deep Black Friday Discounts on Xbox One, Surface Pro, and MoreBlack Friday brings an Xbox One S for $189 and Surface Pro for $899. Not bad!
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    Panos Panay Wants to Tell You a Story About ComputersTalking with the head of all of Microsoft’s devices about the company’s streak of innovative products.
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    The Xbox One X Is the Best Console You Can Own. Should You Get It?Microsoft’s screamingly fast new machine comes with a whole bunch of hard questions for console gamers.
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    Microsoft Mercy-Kills the KinectThe device was little-used and ahead of its time.
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    Microsoft Is Using Its Lawyers to Go After Fancy BearBut it still doesn’t know who Fancy Bear is.
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    All the Games and Memes You Need to Know About From Yesterday’s E3What Microsoft, EA, and Bethesda announced.
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    WannaCry’s Victims Were Overwhelmingly Using Windows 7It’s not entirely XP’s fault.
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    HoloLens Was Just the Beginning. Microsoft Wants to Own AR and VR.Working with Acer, Microsoft is putting out what will be the most affordable full-featured VR headset this holiday season.
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    Microsoft’s New OS Wants to Take Back the Classroom From GoogleCan Microsoft claw back education market share from Google’s Chromebooks?
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    Holy Christ, Microsoft’s Plans for LinkedIn Sound AwfulLove LinkedIn? Who cares! Microsoft is gonna give you a lotta LinkedIn anyway.
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    Microsoft Looks a Lot Like Apple in 1997 — Which Should Scare AppleHow after almost 20 years, the two companies have traded places when it comes to PCs.
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    Remembering Microsoft’s Horrible Windows Vista–Themed Springsteen Parody VideoMicrosoft’s internal video for Windows ranks among the worst of all time.
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    Microsoft: Squirt Gun Emoji? Nah, Let’s Make It an Actual RevolverThe company’s gun emoji used to look like something from a sci-fi movie.
  35. Like Clippy, Microsoft Is Watching YouIn a rare slip-up, one of the company’s journalist dossiers accidentally leaked out.
  36. select all
    Like Clippy, Microsoft Is Watching YouIn a rare slip-up, one of the company’s journalist dossiers accidentally leaked out.
  37. Microsoft Calls on Bae Interns to Get Lit on a Monday NightExcellent recruiting strategy, team.
  38. Microsoft Is Getting Into the Marijuana GameBut it’s not quite like it sounds.
  39. Microsoft Bought LinkedIn to Turn Work Into a Social NetworkLinkedIn’s not just for job-hunting anymore.
  40. Microsoft Just Bought LinkedIn for $26.2 BillionApparently Microsoft wasn’t deterred by all those hacks.
  41. Microsoft May Have Found a Way to Let You Talk With Your Plants And they can even talk back (sort of).
  42. Microsoft and Facebook Team Up to Lay New Transatlantic CableThe internet is a series of tubes.
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    The Xbox 360 Perfectly Encapsulated the Last Decade of Home EntertainmentOne box grew to perform many tasks.
  44. Microsoft Sues DOJ to Let Customers Know When Their Emails Are Being ReadAnother tech company argues for privacy.
  45. What Are Bots? An FAQ for Our Impending TechnofutureHold on to your bots.
  46. select all
    Why Microsoft Is Betting on Chatbots As the Future of ComputingMicrosoft’s bets big on a bevy of bots.
  47. oops
    Using Microsoft Outlook Incorrectly May Cause an International IncidentAn organizer at the G20 summit accidentally sent President Obama’s passport number to Asian Cup soccer tournament organizers.
  48. tech
    CNN Election Team Hides iPads Behind Sponsored Microsoft TabletsApple wins again.
  49. technology
    Microsoft CEO to Women: Don’t Ask for a RaiseTrust karma instead!
  50. things that make me feel old
    What Is Minecraft, and Why Did Microsoft Just Pay $2.5 Billion for It?An explainer for the olds.
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