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  1. Big-Money Donors Mobilize to Save Trump’s PresidencyMeanwhile, small-dollar donors are delivering record-breaking sums of money to anti-Trump Democrats.
  2. Democrats’ Best Bet for 2018: Accentuate the NegativeMidterm elections are usually a referendum on the White House party. So the heavy lift of a positive agenda for Democrats may be a waste of energy.
  3. Fanning National Security Fears Is GOP’s Obvious Path to Midterm SuccessThe history is pretty clear: Presidents’ parties lose in midterms unless Americans are preoccupied with the kind of security fears Trump likes to fan.
  4. Why a Clinton Win Would Be a Boon to the GOPIf Trump loses, GOP insiders resume power in a party that’s in a good position to win the next two critical elections. If he wins, all bets are off.
  5. Only 9 Percent of Republicans Think Obama Believes in Christianity ‘Deep Down’Few people of any political persuasion can imagine the horrors of the president being an atheist. 
  6. The Man Behind the Red Win in Blue MarylandRuss Schriefer redeemed himself and Jim Messina tarnished his record.
  7. Why Isn’t the Improving Economy Helping Democrats? The economy is doing better and growing faster than it was in 2012. But that is not translating into gains at the polls for Democrats. 
  8. haters
    Wannabe S.C. Congressman Says Gays Are GremlinsHe’s also super pissed about the outcry.
  9. The Election About NothingVoters have stopped caring. Candidates have stopped promising. Welcome to the Seinfeld midterms.
  10. the national circus
    Frank Rich: GOP Won’t Surrender in Obamacare WarIt’s the only issue Republicans have in the midterms.
  11. elections
    GOP Wins Florida Special Election With Anti-Obamacare StrategyOr at least, that’s how Republicans see it.
  12. early and often
    Bi-partisan Commission Calls for Cuts in Spending and Increased Taxes to Lower Federal DebtThe proposal calls for cuts in domestic and military spending, curbing Social Security benefits, and increasing the payroll tax.
  13. wall street
    Morgan Stanley to Washington: It Doesn’t Feel So Good to Be Reviled, Does It?Tag, you’re it.
  14. the future is coming
    All 95 Congressional Candidates Who Supported the Net Neutrality Bill Lost the ElectionThe net is about to get very biased.
  15. election hangover
    Sarah Palin Channels Ronald Reagan in Spastic Post-Election VideoIt’s morning in America, again.
  16. early and often
    Obama on the Midterms: ‘I’ve Got to Take Direct Responsibility for the Fact That We’ve Not Made As Much Progress As We Want to Make’But “no person or party has a monopoly on wisdom.”
  17. early and often
    Republicans Owe Yesterday’s Victories to Old People, Even More Than UsualThis might not be a good thing.
  18. early and often
    Nate Silver, Facebook Is Trying To Make You ObsoleteNo need for all those complicated algorithms.
  19. early and often
    It Looks Like Lisa Murkowski Could Beat Joe Miller in AlaskaCould Lisa Murkowski follow in Strom Thurmond’s footsteps?
  20. early and often
    Election 2010: The Perfect WaveLike ‘Point Break,’ without the beautiful people or Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  21. early and often
    President Obama, What Have You Done for Me Lately?A timely new Tumblr.
  22. cable news
    Talk Box: Sorry, Dems, Obama’s Daily Show Stint Wasn’t About Helping YouSome TV pundits see the appearance as an early start to Team Obama’s 2012 campaign.