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  1. The Megatowers Are Coming to East MidtownA proposed zoning change to the area near Grand Central is set to remake the neighborhood for decades. But at what cost?
  2. scary things
    Knife-Wielding Man Killed by NYPD in MidtownThe man was shot at the intersection of 49th Street and Eighth Avenue. 
  3. scary things
    Crane Crashes Into Midtown High-rise Several injuries have been reported.
  4. gross things
    Someone Smeared Poop All Over a Bunch of Citi Bikes Gross.
  5. demonstrations
    Thousands Participate in NYC Climate MarchIncluding a number of celebrities. 
  6. Broken Window Rains Glass on MidtownVery scary.
  7. scary things
    Broken Scaffolding Leaves Terrified Workers Dangling Above Midtown SidewalkJust try to look at the footage without feeling a little sick.
  8. neighborhood news
    Midtown Has an ATM That Dispenses Gold BarsPrices update every 60 seconds based on the market!
  9. neighborhood news
    Three-Alarm Fire Delights Midtown TouristsMeanwhile, a person who works in the building called it “hell.”
  10. neighborhood news
    Times Square Is Going to Be Dark for a Very Short WhileOne hour this Saturday.
  11. scary things
    Man Survives Cold-Weather Nightmare in Midtown A falling icicle hit him on the head.
  12. holiday cheer
    Ray Kelly Incorrectly Labels SantaCon ‘a Peaceful Event’The police commissioner thinks the city should support the annual puke-fest.
  13. holiday cheer
    SantaCon Is the Worst, NYPD AgreesPolice have asked bar owners not to participate in the annual puke fest.
  14. scary things
    Maybe You Got Sprayed With Toxic Oil in Midtown TodayHopefully not!
  15. scary things
    Dr. Oz Appeared at the Scene of a Serious Midtown Taxi AccidentA tourist lost a leg.
  16. crimes and misdemeanors
    Midtown Shooter Really Knew What He Was DoingPolice now know who was driving the getaway car.
  17. crimes and misdemeanors
    Very Public Midtown Killing Was Potentially Drug-Related [Updated]Police are looking into the gun and getaway car.
  18. justin davidson
    Davidson on Midtown Rezoning, Grand CentralThe City Planning Department has floated a sweeping proposal that combines swollen ambitions for the skyline with puny civic aspirations.
  19. crimes and misdemeanors
    Midtown Thief Caught with Delicious HaulAnd some large boxes of pastrami.
  20. nice things
    Did You Perform CPR on a Guy in Midtown Last Week? If so, he would like to thank you. 
  21. New York Plans a Bike Lane Solution to Crosstown TrafficAll you do is slow me down / And I’m tryin’ to get on the other side of town.
  22. real estate porn
    Russians Stripped of ‘Most Outrageously Expensive Manhattan Apartment’ TitleThe mystery buyer is not from “any other part of the former Soviet Union.”
  23. get spruced
    The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Is LitIt’s a very pretty tree.
  24. neighborhood blues
    Obama Visit, Rockefeller Tree Lighting TodayMaybe skip driving in the city today.
  25. white men with money
    Shady Millionaire Seems Quite Calm About $300,000 Home InvasionGeorge Bardwil has found himself in another questionable situation.
  26. neighborhood news
    You Could Make a Living Searching for Bits of Gold and Gemstones on the Street in the Diamond DistrictThere’s GOLD in them thar streets!
  27. photo op
    Yesterday Was ManhattanhengeDid you miss it?
  28. neighborhood news
    Plans for 34th Street Pedestrian Plaza ScuttledYay! Now you can still smoke outside of Sbarro!
  29. neighborhood news
    Ugh, the Observer Is Trying to Make Midtown HappenAt the expense of downtown.
  30. neighborhood news
    Just in Time for Rush Hour: Obama!Much of midtown is in chaos because of a visit from the POTUS.
  31. neighborhood news
    Wait, Other Neighborhoods Have Sexy Dog Walkers, Too?Hmmm. We’re sensing a deceptive pattern here.
  32. neighborhood news
    Wild Possum on the Loose in Midtown“Your foot fingers are so strong!!”
  33. the downturnaround
    The Dowturnaround’s Plan to Save Herald Square (and the World)Presents for everyone!
  34. neighborhood watch
    Editta Sherman, 96-Year-Old SquatterMeet the new face of old-squatting.
  35. neighborhood watch
    Whole Foods to Alter Brooklyn PlansPoor undertrafficked, overcharitable Ikea! Poor Slopies thinking only poor people have public sex! (Not!) So many people to feel sorry for in today’s rainy, weepy boroughs report.
  36. neighborhood watch
    Accidents Happen … Even Within View of the Shake ShackHapless poopers in Madison Square Park? Porn kings threatening comedy kings in Times Square? Radicals burning good money in the East Village? The links in today’s boroughs report must be clicked to be believed!
  37. neighborhood watch
    The Montauk Monster Has Competition. Sort Of.There is a colorful beast of some sort climbing out of the East River. Plus, Harlem’s eye-straining new condo, Chinatown’s intra-hood Olympics smackdown, and the big-cabbage guy of Staten Island. In our Freedom Friday edition of the daily boroughs report!
  38. neighborhood watch
    Cock Loose in Sunset ParkThe noisy rooster of Sunset Park, the apartment-phobic tenant of West 57th Street, the crumbling misogynist statue of Kew Gardens … and other true tales, in today’s boroughs report.
  39. neighborhood watch
    The Long Arm of the Law Even Reaches Into Subway BathroomsGetting all colonial in Union Square, watching crabs rut in Marine Park, letting go of fancy F-train plans in the Slope, and busting the gays in Forest Hills. All that and more in our week’s-end boroughs report.
  40. neighborhood watch
    Landlords to Battery Park Tenants: Get Mad at Us, Not at the WallsPenny-pinchers (well, pickers) in Soho, possibly anger-based graffiti in Battery Park City, and the pitiable buyers at the Novo in Park Slope — that and more in today’s boroughs report.
  41. neighborhood watch
    Obama Gets Whitewashed (and Not How You Think)An Obama graffiti war on the Bowery, canal-dunked art in Gowanus, Meryl in the Slope, and “shit juice” in Greenpoint. Drink it all in with our daily boroughs report!
  42. neighborhood watch
    Notorious B.I.G. Biopic Returns to Bed-StuyThe Long Island City sculptor behind last night’s ‘Gossip Girl’ art, a possible hotel for part of Williamsburg’s Domino plant, misplaced political graffiti in Bushwick, and more in our daily boroughs report.
  43. neighborhood watch
    Jean Nouvel Brings in the Big GunsThe fight for the MoMA Tower continues, they’re still burning cars in Red Hook, and more neighborhood news in our daily roundup.
  44. neighborhood watch
    Alexander Hamilton Just Wouldn’t Have Approved of a Northeasterly ViewBroadway-Flushing: As landmarking honchos drag their feet on protecting this enclave of pretty early-1900s homes, locals wonder if it’s more evidence that city pooh-bahs care more about Manhattan and Brooklyn brownstones than they do historic Queens cribs. [NYDN] Brooklyn Heights: How will the city get Brooklynites to the hard-to-get-to Brooklyn Bridge Park? It will bus them! [Brooklyn Paper] Harlem: Some folks are protesting the move of Alexander Hamilton’s Colonial house from a cramped street to St. Nicholas Park because — get this — it won’t be facing the same way. [Curbed]
  45. neighborhood watch
    Now Carrie Bradshaw Is Really Going to Need a Cell PhoneBushwick: Teens here are flipping the bird to military recruiters, instead embracing Che Guevara and Cesar Chavez at their own social-justice high school. [Indypendent] East Village: Is the end near for that infamous phone booth on Avenue A where “thousands of heroin orders have been placed”? [Neither More Nor Less] Flatbush: The city wants to refurbish the grand but fading 1929 Loew’s Kings Theater, where Brooklyn beep Marty Markowitz got his first kiss. Sexy imagery like that should help accelerate the project. [Real Deal via Ditmas Park Blog]
  46. neighborhood watch
    Bushwick Life: Rat Poop on Your Pillow, Organic Milk in Your BodegaBushwick: The area is not so gentrified that you may not still experience the thrill of rats going through your trash or taking a dump on your bed. But at least you can get organic milk in the bodegas now. [BushwichBK] Clinton Hill: It looks like the stakeout for Spitzer’s hooker bookers has moved here, with TV crews sniffing around for Tameka Lewis, a.k.a. “Rachelle.” [Nervous Acid] Fort Greene: Perhaps remorseful that he demolished the area’s only supermarket to make room for a massive 600-unit condo project, John Catsimatidis promised it’d have a grocery. But nearby project dwellers worry they won’t be able to afford it if it’s one of his Gristedes. [NYDN]
  47. neighborhood watch
    The Plaza Will Soon Let You Throw Money at It AgainGowanus: The Gowanus Village is on the market for $27 million, and Curbed has a photo gallery, including shots of the “beautiful canal waterfront.” [Brownstoner] Lower Manhattan: Today is the fifteenth anniversary of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. The visitor center down there will have a public program at 7 p.m. in remembrance. [WTC Visitor’s Center] Midtown: The Plaza’s final opening date is scheduled for March 1. It starts at only $1,000 a night. But that comes with wireless! [NYT]
  48. neighborhood watch
    Clive Campbell Wants Slavery Reparations From Jay-Z, Of All PeopleAtlantic Yards: Activist Clive Campbell has filed a $5 billion suit against Bruce Ratner, Jay-Z, and Barclay’s bank. He’s suing for slavery reparations, because of alleged slave trade ties in the history of the bank. [NYO] Bedford-Stuyvesant: Cleaning your dog’s poop is all about respect. Respecting yourself, that is. [Newyorkshitty] Dumbo: If you want your short film to play on the big screen at Brooklyn Bridge Park, now’s the time to submit it to Movies With a View. No subtitles, please. [Dumbo NYC]
  49. neighborhood watch
    She Was a Day-tripper, Ferry Driver, Yeah!Coney Island: “Imagine getting on a ferry at Hunt’s Point for a day trip” here! That’s what Christine Quinn floated yesterday in her big speech. Could it really happen? [Kinetic Carnival] East Village: McMansion mogul Robert Toll’s 27-year-old NYU social-work-student son Jacob lives with two of his buds in a $2.2 million condo in his dad’s glossy new One Ten 3rd building. How will he pay that mortgage on a social worker’s salary? (Cue cynical chortles.) [NYO] Midtown: Wouldn’t it be cool if the retired math professor who nearly died of a bondage incident in a sex club here could get his wife in on his S&M thing instead of having to shamefully confess it to her in the Post? Now he’s vowing to break his addiction. Why not just go safe, sane, and consensual? [Gothamist]
  50. neighborhood watch
    The High Line Blogs!Bay Ridge: Hey, who’s dumping the huge piles of plastic spoons in Owl’s Head Park? Will huge piles of Pinkberry follow? [Right in Bay Ridge] Chelsea: The High Line is blogging and social networking! And it already has 47 fans! [Facebook and High Line Blog] Gramercy: That big new condo on 23rd Street and Third Avenue won’t be sold chockablock to rich Irish folks after all … looks like it’s gonna be a big fat NYU dorm! [Villager]
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