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Migrant Crisis

  1. the city politic
    The Biggest Lesson of the Migrant CrisisIt’s not like New York hasn’t faced similar problems in the past.
  2. politics
    Joe Biden and Eric Adams Don’t Seem to Be on Speaking TermsThe president met with Governor Hochul during his trip to New York this week — but not his mayoral antagonist.
  3. the city politic
    What Eric Adams Is Getting Wrong About the Migrant CrisisYes, it’s a huge challenge. No, it’s not going to “destroy” New York City.
  4. politics
    Adams Weirdly Says Migrant Crisis Will ‘Destroy New York City’During a town hall meeting on the Upper West Side Wednesday night, the mayor said he doesn’t “see an ending” to the problem.
  5. politics
    Hochul to Feds: The Migrant Crisis Is Your ProblemThe governor has sent President Biden a letter asking for additional funds and requesting expedited work authorizations for asylum seekers.
  6. politics
    Poll: New Yorkers Aren’t Thrilled With Anyone or AnythingA Siena College poll found that a majority of voters see the migrant crisis as a serious problem and give leaders low marks for their handling of it.
  7. the city
    The Candy SellersThe lives and livelihoods of some of the city’s newest migrant children.
  8. the city politic
    The Migrant Crisis Is a New Kind of Test for Kathy HochulA recent legal decision has put the issue on her desk. Success with it could catapult her to political stardom.
  9. right to shelter
    ‘We Can’t Sleep Because of the Worry’Overnight at the Roosevelt Hotel, where hundreds of migrants are still waiting for somewhere to go.
  10. local
    Asylum Seekers Are Sleeping on Buses Outside the Roosevelt HotelAn intake center at the Roosevelt Hotel reached capacity, forcing asylum seekers to take shelter in buses over the weekend.
  11. migrant crisis
    Living 20 to a Room in a Vacant Midtown Office BuildingNewly arrived migrants talk about spending their days in a former Touro College space.
  12. migrant crisis
    Dozens of Migrants Found Dead in Tractor-Trailer in San AntonioAt least 50 people died, likely from heat exposure, in the country’s deadliest human-smuggling incident in recent memory.
  13. political animals
    How the White House Polices Language in WashingtonIncluding the president’s.
  14. immigration
    Biden to Deploy FEMA at the Border Amid Child-Migrant SurgeFor the next 90 days, the agency will help house and care for around 8,500 unaccompanied minors currently in HHS custody.
  15. migrant crisis
    ACLU: 1,556 More Migrant Families Separated Under Trump Than Previously KnownThe known number of migrant families separated under the Trump administration now totals at least 4,300 separated families.
  16. immigration
    Trump Admin to Obtain Detained Migrants’ DNA for Use in Criminal DatabaseThe White House’s most blatant effort to criminalize migrants to date.
  17. democratic debates
    Debate Protesters Cut Off Biden: ‘We Are DACA Recipients, Our Lives Are at Risk’Before Biden told a devastating story of the death of his wife and daughter, protesters yelled for candidates to protect migrants and defend DACA.
  18. migrant crisis
    Supreme Court: Trump Admin Can Block Many Migrant Asylum Claims at the BorderThe SCOTUS determination means that for Central-American migrants to apply for asylum, they must now apply — and be denied — asylum in Mexico first.
  19. toilet
    Steve King Drinks From a Toilet to Own the LibsThe embattled congressman said that the water from the combination toilet-fountain some detained migrants are forced to use is “actually pretty good.”
  20. immigration
    Trump Demands Right to Detain Migrant Children IndefinitelyIt’s mostly symbolic, since the judge who set the 20-day limit on detention of children is unlikely to approve it, but the new policy sounds tough.
  21. migrant crisis
    The Flaw in Trump’s Intimidation-Based Immigration StrategyThreatening painful and controversial actions, like ICE raids, may work in the short term, but eventually he’ll have to deliver — or admit defeat.
  22. immigration
    New Trump Rule Would Virtually End Asylum for Central AmericansThe rule, which is sure to face legal challenges, would not allow anyone who has passed through another country to claim asylum in the U.S.
  23. migrant crisis
    Lindsey Graham: ‘I Don’t Care’ if Migrants Stay in Detention for ‘400 Days’After visiting two migrant detention centers in Texas, the South Carolina senator was not filled with sympathy.
  24. migrant crisis
    Everything We Know About the Inhumane Conditions at Migrant Detention CampsMigrant children have allegedly been denied adequate medical care and sanitation, and some were reportedly forced to sleep on the floor as punishment.
  25. migrant crisis
    Homeland Security Photos Show ‘Dangerous Overcrowding’ at Border Patrol CampsA new report from the Department of Homeland Security includes pictures of “ticking time bomb” conditions at Border Patrol camps.
  26. immigration
    The Story Behind the Viral Photo of a Drowned Migrant Father and ToddlerThe photo has been compared to a 2015 image of a drowned Syrian boy that drew attention to the refugee crisis.
  27. migrant crisis
    The Trump Administration’s Erratic Reaction to the Migrant Child CrisisIt’s hard to keep up with Team Trump’s actions denying or evading the responsibility to give kids decent treatment.
  28. migrant crisis
    With Trump’s Migrant Camps, the History We Should Fear Repeating Is Our OwnAOC’s invocation of Nazi concentration camps was legitimate. But the most apt precedents for the crisis at our border were born in the USA.
  29. migrant crisis
    Trump Announces ‘Removal’ of ‘Millions of Illegal Aliens’ Starting Next WeekTrump announced by tweet that ICE will begin removing “millions of illegal aliens,” surprising officials who didn’t know he would broadcast the plan.
  30. migrant crisis
    Fall in Coffee Prices Is Fueling Guatemalan Migration to the U.S.: ReportCoffee prices have dropped about 60 percent since 2015, accelerating the migration of Guatemalan farmers to the U.S.
  31. border wall
    Military to Spend a Month Painting a Mile of Wall Because It Isn’t Pretty EnoughAn unspecified number of military members will reportedly spend a month painting a mile of the border wall to improve its “aesthetic appearance.”
  32. migrant crisis
    Trump Administration Cuts Education, Recreation Access for Detained Migrant KidsThe Trump administration announced it will no longer pay for English lessons, legal aid, and soccer-field access at child-migrant shelters.
  33. We Owe Central American Migrants Much More Than ThisMigrant families are not bringing crime and instability to our country — but the United States once brought such conditions to theirs.
  34. migrant crisis
    Migrants Faced More Than 3,500 Attacks in Germany Last Year: ReportGermany’s immigrant population has become the target of a growing number of hate crimes.
  35. international affairs
    Sweden Confused After Trump Cites Nonexistent Terrorist IncidentTrump’s fake Swedish news reflects a misleading right-wing narrative about refugee-perpetrated crime.
  36. Officials Will Demolish the ‘Jungle,’ France’s Massive Migrant Camp in CalaisThey will be clearing the settlement of refugees and migrants over the next few days.
  37. The Obama Administration’s $1 Billion Giveaway to the Private Prison IndustryThe administration paid $1 billion to build a detention center for migrant women and children that it barely uses.
  38. scary things
    ISIS Claims to Be Behind Ax Attack on German TrainA 17-year-old Afghan migrant wounded five before being shot and killed by police. 
  39. How Europe Can Alleviate Its Migrant Crisis — and Save ItselfThe continent’s economy is growing slowly, and thousands are still landing on its shores — or dying in the attempt.
  40. More Than 1,000 Migrants Drowned in a Deadly Week on the Mediterranean SeaOne of the deadliest months since the exodus to Europe began.
  41. today in donald trump
    Trump Has ‘No Doubt’ Refugees Will Stage a 9/11-Scale Attack in U.S.Because he can’t believe they have cell phones, so their monthly bills must be getting paid by ISIS.
  42. migrant crisis
    Greece Started Sending Migrants Back to TurkeyAs part of the EU-Turkey deal reached last month.
  43. migrant crisis
    Smugglers Jailed Over Syrian Refugee DeathsThe two men were also charged in the deaths of four other refugees. 
  44. migrant crisis
    Violence Erupts As France Demolishes the Migrant Camp in CalaisTeargas flies and tents go up in flames in “the Jungle.” 
  45. NATO Now Getting Involved in the Migrant CrisisPolicing the seas to try to stop smugglers. 
  46. Germany May Be Reneging on Its Refugee WelcomeChancellor Angela Merkel reminds asylum-seekers their stay is “temporary.”
  47. Denmark Passes Law to Seize Migrants’ Valuables at the BorderIncluding the “jewelry bill.”
  48. migrant crisis
    Dozens of Migrants Drown Near GreeceThe latest news about the migrant crisis.
  49. German City Bans Asylum-Seekers From Public PoolThe ban will remain in place until “the message has come across.” 
  50. islamic state watch
    Syrian Refugee Carried Out ISIS-Linked Suicide Attack in TurkeyThe suicide bomber had allegedly been fingerprinted a week earlier and raised no suspicions with authorities. 
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