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Migrant Crisis

  1. More Than 1,000 Migrants Drowned in a Deadly Week on the Mediterranean SeaOne of the deadliest months since the exodus to Europe began.
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    Trump Has ‘No Doubt’ Refugees Will Stage a 9/11-Scale Attack in U.S.Because he can’t believe they have cell phones, so their monthly bills must be getting paid by ISIS.
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    Greece Started Sending Migrants Back to TurkeyAs part of the EU-Turkey deal reached last month.
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    Smugglers Jailed Over Syrian Refugee DeathsThe two men were also charged in the deaths of four other refugees. 
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    Violence Erupts As France Demolishes the Migrant Camp in CalaisTeargas flies and tents go up in flames in “the Jungle.” 
  6. NATO Now Getting Involved in the Migrant CrisisPolicing the seas to try to stop smugglers. 
  7. Germany May Be Reneging on Its Refugee WelcomeChancellor Angela Merkel reminds asylum-seekers their stay is “temporary.”
  8. Denmark Passes Law to Seize Migrants’ Valuables at the BorderIncluding the “jewelry bill.”
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    Dozens of Migrants Drown Near GreeceThe latest news about the migrant crisis.
  10. German City Bans Asylum-Seekers From Public PoolThe ban will remain in place until “the message has come across.” 
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    Syrian Refugee Carried Out ISIS-Linked Suicide Attack in TurkeyThe suicide bomber had allegedly been fingerprinted a week earlier and raised no suspicions with authorities. 
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    Germany to Release More Info on AssaultsMeanwhile, Chancellor Angela Merkel canceled trips abroad in order to deal with the unfurling mess. 
  13. At Least 34 Dead Refugees Found on Turkish CoastAn update on what’s happening around the world with migrants and Syrian refugees.
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    Nearly One Million Migrants Have Fled to Europe This YearThe global refugee population has also surged to its highest level in more than two decades.
  15. Europe Is Still Floundering on Refugees As More Drown at SeaSix Afghan children drowned in the latest crossing attempt. 
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    GOP Battles Syrian Refugee Threat With Vague, Redundant New RestrictionsMeanwhile, a bipartisan Senate bill would address the far more concerning visa-waiver program.
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    De Blasio Escalates Feud With Christie, Shows Photo of Dead Refugee Child“Is this what he wants to see happen to people?”
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    Boats Keep Arriving in Greece As the World Wonders What to Do With RefugeesWhile some countries still plan on welcoming thousands of migrants, other states have changed their minds.
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    Obama Blasts Republicans for Being Afraid of Syrian ‘Widows and Orphans’He said of their rhetoric, “I cannot think of a more potent recruitment tool for ISIL.”
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    Putin, Peace, and Diplomatic Cats: What Happened at the G20 SummitObama thinks the ISIS strategy is working. François Hollande — and many others — think more is necessary.
  21. 18 Drown Off Turkey As EU Leaders Meet And Slovenia starts building its razor-wire fence.
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    Europe Braces for Millions More Refugee ArrivalsExperts are predicting up to 3 million arrivals by the end of 2016. 
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    At Least 22 Dead After More Shipwrecks Near GreeceNearly 50 migrants have died in the past three days. 
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    Austria Is Now Building a Fence to Help Deal With Migrant CrisisOfficials say it’s not to stop people from crossing, but to help reduce some of the chaos at the borders. 
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    Slovenia Is the Latest Migrant-Crisis ZoneSince Saturday, nearly 20,000 people have crossed into Slovenia from Croatia. 
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    Refugees Diverted After Hungary Closes Border with CroatiaOrban doubles down on opposition to Muslim migrants, says Islam “never part of Europe.”
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    Russia Continues to Frustrate Everyone (Except Assad) in SyriaVladimir Putin seems determined to make everything much more complicated in the Middle East.
  28. EU Starts Anti-Smuggling Ops in Mediterranean“Operation Sophia” launches today. 
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    Record-Breaking Number of Migrants Travel to EUAnd nearly 3,000 more have died trying.
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    The U.S. Will Accept More Refugees, But That Won’t Help Many SyriansFor most people displaced by the Syrian civil war, America’s response is too little, too late.
  31. With Some Opposition, European Leaders Establish Refugee QuotasOver the opposition of Hungary and three other Eastern European countries.
  32. Croatia Overwhelmed by Thousands of MigrantsThe European Union’s muddled response to the crisis is now on full display.
  33. Police and Migrants Clash As Hungary Cracks Down on Border CrossingsHungary has arrested more than 500 people for attempting to get past its fence. 
  34. 109-Mile-Long Border Fence Leaves Refugees Stranded Outside EUHungary plans to make the fence even longer. 
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    Germany to Close Its Borders to MigrantsOverwhelmed with tens of thousands of new arrivals, the country has invoked emergency powers to stem the tide.
  36. United States Will Accept 10,000 Syrian RefugeesAfter Kerry said Wednesday that the U.S. would increase the total number of refugees to 75,000.
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    John Kerry Heads to Capitol Hill to Talk About the Migrant Crisis The White House says it is considering a “range of approaches” when it comes to refugees from Syria. 
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    Germany Willing to Welcome 500,000 Refugees Annually for the Next Few YearsMeanwhile, plenty of countries are still hesitant to invite any migrants in. 
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    Thousands More Migrants Reach GermanyAnd with German officials worrying about resources and space, Austria says it will soon reinstitute restrictions on further migration.
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    Thousands of Migrants Allowed Into Austria and GermanyThis weekend, at least 10,000 desperate refugees are expected to cross the Hungarian border into Western Europe.
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    Europe Remains Conflicted About How to Fix the Migrant CrisisMeanwhile, thousands of migrants wait, wondering whether they will even reach safety.
  42. Migrants Protest Outside Hungarian Train StationJust one more volatile front.
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    Suffocated Migrants Were Victims of International Smuggling SyndicateFour low-level operatives have been arrested following the discovery of 71 asphyxiated migrants in a European truck. 
  44. Up to 200 Feared Dead After Migrant Ship SinksThere were around 400 people on the ship — another ship that capsized earlier on Thursday was carrying 100. 
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    Truck Full of Decomposing Bodies Found Abandoned on Side of Austrian HighwayThe truck’s occupants are believed to be migrants escaping to Europe.