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  1. what we know
    What’s Going On With the U.S.-Texas Border Standoff?The state’s leaders are now defying the White House and the Supreme Court. Here’s what we know.
  2. the city politic
    Eric Adams’s Migrant-Bus Lawsuit Is Doomed — But Still SmartSometimes taking a stand to defend the city is more important than winning.
  3. politics
    Evacuation of Migrants to Brooklyn High School Sparks BacklashThe criticism has been bipartisan.
  4. immigration
    A Wall Won’t Keep Biden’s Border Problem at BayDemocrats face a political challenge with no legislatively viable solution.
  5. politics
    The Week the Migrant Backlash Turned Into RageFrom Gracie Mansion to Staten Island, protests are growing and getting ugly.
  6. the city
    The Candy SellersThe lives and livelihoods of some of the city’s newest migrant children.
  7. right to shelter
    ‘We Can’t Sleep Because of the Worry’Overnight at the Roosevelt Hotel, where hundreds of migrants are still waiting for somewhere to go.
  8. the city
    The Scramble to House Our Busloads of MigrantsNew York’s shelter system was already at a breaking point. Officials are scrambling to find beds for asylum seekers.
  9. politics
    Adams Wants to Suspend Right-to-Shelter Law Due to Asylum SeekersIn a letter to a judge, the city’s lawyers said shelters are facing “unprecedented demand” due to the influx of migrants.
  10. the city politic
    Does Eric Adams Still Think It’s Easy to Be Mayor?New York’s migrant crisis seems to be testing him to his limits.
  11. politics
    Adams and Hochul Plead With the Feds to Let Migrants WorkGovernor Hochul and Mayor Adams are calling on the federal government to ease policies to allow asylum seekers to look for work.
  12. politics
    Story of Houseless Vets Displaced by Migrants Was BunkThe sensational Orange County tale began to unravel after a local newspaper started digging.
  13. early and often
    How to Make Mass Immigration WorkTo make an influx of people economically beneficial and politically viable, the U.S. must build more housing.
  14. eric adams
    Eric Adams Is Already Backtracking on His Plans for MigrantsThe mayor’s plan to use schools as housing quickly sparked protests from parents.
  15. politics
    Over 100 Migrants Were Sent to Kamala Harris’s House on ChristmasLocal volunteers say they came from Texas, apparently at Governor Greg Abbott’s direction.
  16. foreign interests
    Trump’s Unlawful Asylum Policy Is a Jab at MexicoTrump needs our southern neighbors’ help to fix the migrant crisis – so he’s forcing them into illegal agreements that come with unmanageable burdens.
  17. immigration
    Democrats Are Developing a Clear Response to Trump on MigrantsWith seven Senate Democrats running for president on board with this alternative to Trump’s immigration policy, the bill could shape the 2020 debate.
  18. immigration
    Trump Steps Up Petty Harassment of Asylum-Seeking MigrantsNew fees, deadlines, and work-permit prohibitions will make life harder for asylum seekers, without necessarily stemming the tide of migrants.
  19. president trump
    Trump Wants America to Stop Enforcing Its Immigration LawsThe White House’s attempts to nullify asylum rights prove that its opposition to illegal immigration has nothing to do with respect for the law.
  20. immigration
    Could Trump’s Illegal Plan to Ship Migrants to Cities Make Everyone Happy?The president’s assumption that urban liberals hate and fear migrants as much as he and the MAGA folk do isn’t necessarily accurate.
  21. border crisis
    The Long-Term Damage of Trump’s War on ImmigrantsIt could be two years before we know what happened to all the migrant kids taken from their families at the southern border.
  22. vision 2020
    Trump’s Border Rhetoric Is Overblown, But Democrats Still Need a SolutionBeto O’Rourke is calling for more assistance to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Central America. Other 2020 candidates should take note.
  23. immigration
    Report: Families Are Being Separated at the Border Over False AllegationsA new report shows that one of the darkest chapters of the Trump administration is ongoing.
  24. immigration
    Would Patrolling With the Border Patrol Change Your Mind About the Border?A ride-along with an agency at once empowered and besieged.
  25. immigration
    Migrant Baby Contracted Pneumonia After Five Days in a ‘Freezing’ Holding CellThe baby’s mother is blaming Border Patrol.
  26. immigration
    A Migrant Child Died of Dehydration in U.S. Custody Hours After She Was DetainedShe appeared to have gone without food or water for days, CBP said.
  27. immigration
    U.S.A. or Bust: Migrants Explain Why They’re Marching“There is no work back home. No future.”
  28. president trump
    Trump Threatens Military Response to (Fictional) Migrant ThreatAs Central American asylum seekers march in caravan toward the U.S., Trump threatens to “call up the U.S. Military and CLOSE OUR SOUTHERN BORDER!”
  29. immigration
    After Trump Threat, Honduras and Guatemala Try to Stop Migrant CaravanThey’re not having much luck.
  30. immigration
    ICE Is Targeting Immigrants Who Agree to Take In Migrant ChildrenThe Trump administration is working to maximize the number of child migrants in federal detention by threatening potential sponsors with deportation.
  31. ACLU Sues Sessions Over Ending Asylum for Victims of Domestic and Gang ViolenceAfter a previous suit resulted in an order to reunite migrant families, the ACLU is taking aim at the Trump administration’s new limits on asylum.
  32. Francis’s Anti–Death Penalty Statement Raises Questions for U.S. ConservativesThe Pontiff officially puts the church at odds with Donald Trump and his party, along with some traditionalist Catholics on the Supreme Court.
  33. Trump Renews Call for Deporting Refugees Without Due Process“Tell the people ‘OUT,’ and they must leave, just as they would if they were standing on your front lawn,” the president tweeted.
  34. Immigrant Families Must Pay Steep Fees to Get Child Migrants Out of DetentionThe U.S. is separating migrant families, and then refusing to place kids with relatives — unless the latter pays thousands in transport fees.
  35. Trump: Obama Was for ‘Open Borders’ — and His Policies Are the Same as MineThe president argued Monday that media coverage of his border policies has been unfair because Obama’s were just as cruel.
  36. executive orders
    State Department Staffers Rushed Visas Through Before It Was Too LateAt a time when President Trump seems intent on irking as much of the world as possible, this is a somewhat heartening story.