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  1. DI Politics Chat: Kanye Goes MAGAFour New York staffers talk about Kanye West’s full-throated endorsement of the Donald Trump and alt-right turn.
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    Mike Cernovich’s Reddit Ask Me Anything Went About As Well As You’d ExpectUnhinged “citizen journalist” Mike Cernovich decided he wanted to get viciously roasted online, and Reddit was happy to make it happen.
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    Sam Seder’s Firing Shows Corporations Can’t Stop Getting Rolled by the Far RightIt’s just the latest example proving that since corporations have no idea how far-right outrage works, they will grant it victory after victory.
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    BuzzFeed’s Conyers Scoop Shows That Mike Cernovich Isn’t Going AwayIn normal times, someone like Mike Cernovich wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near “traditional” journalism. But these aren’t normal times.
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    This Might Be the Most Insane and Depressing Fake-News Story YetNo, Columbia students didn’t march in open defense of pedophilia. Yes, tens of thousands of people — at least — thought they did.
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    Mike Cernovich Pivots From Pizzagate to Not-So-Fake NewsThe alt-right favorite is distancing himself from Trump and rebranding as a journalist — “because it really triggers people.”
  7. The Alt-Right Is Debating Whether Bannon Needs a Better Press Strategy“He has a lot of friends out on the internet who love him, but we are all still waiting for him to unleash the beast.”
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    It Makes Perfect Sense for the Alt-Right to Start Abandoning TrumpThe alt-right benefits greatly from adopting the stance of an outsider. Trump is no longer an outsider, as his Syria decision helps to demonstrate.
  9. After Trump’s Syria Air Strikes, the Alt-Right Is Not Alright“I guess Trump wasn’t ‘Putin’s puppet’ after all, he was just another deep state/Neo-Con puppet.”
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    The Alt-Right Took Over Twitter Through the Sheer Force of Its ObsessivenessA new story about one of the leading pro-Trump Twitter figures shows that it’s hard work being a #MAGA troll.
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    Why the White House Is Boosting Mike CernovichThe White House wants to fuzz the boundaries between mainstream, respectable news outlets and utterly gonzo ones as much as possible.
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    4chan Really Wants to Take Credit for the Rumors About Donald TrumpAlas, there is not enough meme magic in the world to make this a likely tale. That hasn’t stopped the usual suspects from spreading it, though.
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    How Mike Cernovich Is Pizzagating His Latest VictimWeeks after a gunman misled by Pizzgate opened fire in Comet Ping Pong, men’s-rights star Mike Cernovich is “investigating” another “pedophile ring.”