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  1. A Democratic Wave in the Midterms Could Expose Trump to a 2020 Primary ChallengeTrump stands athwart the GOP like a colossus right now. But like him, his party doesn’t like losers.
  2. Bush Super-Pac Honcho on Blowing Through $100MMike Murphy says out loud what others just think about the GOP nominating contest.
  3. Jeb Bush’s Biggest MistakeOf all the reasons Jeb Bush lost big and early, the least discussed is the most obvious: He was probably toast by the time his campaign concluded voters were finally tuning in. 
  4. early and often
    Republican Consultant Mike Murphy Thinks George Pataki Has a New Hampshire PlanFor what it’s worth.
  5. early and often
    Et Tu, GOP? The Conservative Betrayal SpectrumSo which Republican pundits have undercut McCain the most?
  6. Peggy Noonan on McCain’s Campaign After Palin Pick: ‘It’s Over’The ‘Journal’ columnist and fellow conservative pundit Mike Murphy were busted badmouthing Sarah Palin’s political chances by an errant MSNBC microphone.