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Military Parade

  1. the national interest
    Trump Admits He Was Underfunding Defense Budget to Make Room for ParadeNow he tells us we are going to get fighter jets, but only because he failed to get a parade?
  2. disappointments
    Pentagon Postpones Trump’s Absurdly Expensive Military ParadeFollowing a report that the D.C. parade would cost $92 million, the Pentagon said it would be moved from November to some indefinite point in 2019.
  3. House Republicans Working to Give Trump His Military ParadeIt’s not just the president’s boyish fantasy anymore.
  4. President Trump’s Military Parade Will Not Go Full AuthoritarianThere will be no tanks rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue, likely lessening the tinpot dictator effect.
  5. Trump’s Military Parade Would Not Be ‘Un-American’We are a country that worships the military, wages forever wars, and gives our leader the unilateral authority to end all human life.
  6. Forget the State of the Union Address: Trump Wants a Military ParadeTrump wasn’t joking about wanting a great big jingoistic display. It’s happening.