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Mine Under Matter

  1. mine under matter
    Another Mine Explodes, 27 Workers MissingOh God, is it happening all over again?
  2. stand clear of the closing doors
    Chilean Miner Edison Pena Will Not Take the SubwayAnd called the hot dogs here “so-so.”
  3. mine under matter
    Beware, Chilean Marathon Miner Edison Peña: You May Have Set Our Expectations Too HighAt this point he pretty much has to win the marathon.
  4. mine under matter
    Chilean Miner Wants to Run in New York City MarathonNot Yonni, sadly.
  5. mine under matter
    Unfaithful Chilean Miner Yonni Barrios Offered $100,000 to Be Spokesman for Cheating WebsiteFinally, all that carefree extramarital sex paid off.
  6. mine under matter
    Chilean Miners Have Been Out for Two Days. Time for the Backlash!That was quick!
  7. mine under matter
    Stone-Faced Miner Yonni Barrios Greeted by His Exuberant Mistress at the SurfaceFor some reason, Barrios didn’t seem that happy to leave the mine.
  8. mine under matter
    One Miner’s Wife Is Boycotting the RescueThis is the one who met her husband’s mistress while he was stuck down below.
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    Eleven Chilean Miners Rescued: Miners and Media Rejoice“Chi! Chi! Chi! Le! Le! Le!”
  10. mine under matter
    The Chilean Mine Rescue Is Finally Under WayWatch the most riveting slow-moving live feed since the oil spill.
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    Secret List Determines Which Chilean Miners Get Out FirstWe think we know whose name is last.
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    Trapped Chilean Miners Are Watching the Wrong Movies’Benjamin Button’ might not make our list of non-depressing movies.
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    Trapped Chilean Miners Finally Get Their CigarettesTwo packs a day.
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    Chilean Miner’s Wife, Mistress Waiting Together for Him to SurfaceSo the TV movie of this catastrophe is going to be on Lifetime and not the Discovery Channel, huh?
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    Chilean Miners’ Request for Wine and Cigarettes DeniedThey get patches and nicotine gum instead.
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    Chilean Miners Might Not Get Paid While They’re Trapped UndergroundHow will the workers get paid if the mining company declares bankruptcy?
  17. mine under matter
    All It Took for Chilean Miner to Propose to His Partner of 25 Years Was Getting Trapped in a Mine for a MonthAw?