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  1. misandry
    Hero Councilwoman Wants to Make Tampons Free for NYC TeensWhy stop there?
  2. misandry
    Manspreading Can Get You ArrestedBut if you’re white, you’re probably fine.
  3. misandry
    Mean Female Senators Destroy Grown Man Nudie PoolThe Senate pool was males only until 2008.
  4. misandry
    Woman Arrested for Plotting to Have Her Daughter’s Ex Fed to AlligatorsNo. 1 mom.
  5. The Only Good Thing About Climate ChangeThe end of men.
  6. misandry
    Bill Frezza: Forbes Writer Fired for Frat PostThe post was called “Drunk Female Guests Are the Gravest Threat to Fraternities”
  7. misandry
    Jasmine Tridevil: Woman Gets Third BreastReally the only reason to ever get a third breast.
  8. Vanity Fair Bravely Publishes List of White MenFinally.
  9. misandry
    A Ladies-Only Cab Service Is Launching in NYCSheTaxi will provide cabs driven by women, for women.
  10. misandry
    Fark.com Bans Misogyny, But What About the Men?Fark just became one of the first original link aggregators to ban misogyny from its community.
  11. misandry
    Girls Now Officially Better Than Boys at EverythingAnd both groups’ scores are up from last year.