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  1. racism
    Steve King’s Views on Rape Are Inseparable From His RacismKing’s understanding of what gives women and people of color worth rests on how useful they are to his vision of civilization.
  2. vision 2020
    Trump’s Misogynistic Triumph: Democrats Are Afraid to Nominate a WomanDemocrats’ assumption that swing voters share Trump’s misogyny has led them to sexist thinking about “electability.”
  3. racism
    What Kyle Kashuv Gets Wrong About Harvard and GrowthKashuv says that Harvard is betraying its commitment to growth by rescinding his admission. Maybe Harvard’s own growth requires it.
  4. fox news
    Tucker Carlson and the Folly of Debating Bigots on Their TermsThe racist, misogynist Fox News host wants his detractors to debate him on his TV show. It’s a page straight out of the modern conservative playbook.
  5. Texas Agriculture Commissioner Refers to Clinton As ‘C*nt’“TRUMP 44 C*nt 43,” Sid Miller (or, in his telling, hackers operating his Twitter account) tweeted on Tuesday.
  6. Trump Tries to Win Over Female Voters by Stressing How Easy Life Is for Women“Without the woman’s card Hillary would not even be a viable person to run for City Council positions,” a man with no political experience said Thursday.