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Missed Connections

  1. missed connections
    Andy ‘Amazon’ Cuomo Just Can’t Let Amazon Walk AwayThe heart wants what the heart wants.
  2. What You Can Learn From 10,000 Craigslist Missed ConnectionsThe lesson: It’s not gonna happen.
  3. the internet
    ‘Most Beautiful Missed Connection Ever’ or Not?Another emotional Craigslist post wins the Internet and is probably fake.
  4. missed connections
    Looking for Love (or a Job) at the Goldman Sachs BuildingA job interview turned into a Missed Connection.
  5. let’s get graphical
    Very Few People Try to Find an Ugly Missed ConnectionA plurality tries to find a “cute” one.
  6. missed connections
    Steve Jobs Met His Biological Father Without Knowing ItRan a restaurant at the time.
  7. missed connections
    Craigslist Leaves Global Pervs in Limbo, Shuts Down ‘Adults Services’ WorldwideSorry, pervs.
  8. party like it’s 1999
    It’s John Doerr’s Twitter Party and He’ll Drive Up the Price If He Wants ToDrive up the price if he wants to! Drive up the price if he wants to!
  9. missed connections
    Craigslist Confirms Discontinuation of ‘Adult Services’ Section“Censored” label appeared over Labor Day weekend.
  10. missed connections
    Is Craigslist Shuttering Its Adult Services Section?But fear not: Casual Encounters seems to be unaffected.
  11. stand clear of the closing doors
    L Train Has More Missed Connections Than Any OtherThis should not be a surprise to people who take it around 9 in the morning.