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  1. Biden Gives Iran a Stern Talking-to After New Round of Missile TestsInitial reports claimed the missiles were inscribed with the words “Israel must be wiped out from.”
  2. The U.S. Just Found Its Lost Missile in CubaAwkward.
  3. nukes
    Babysitting the BombThe missileers of Global Strike Command watch over our aging, often persnickety, and potentially world-destroying nuclear arsenal.
  4. North Korea Kicks Off Crazy Season With Missile LaunchHere we go!
  5. international intrigue
    India Tests Missile Capable of Reaching China, EuropeChina does not approve.
  6. scare tactics
    Now Every Jet Flying at Sunset Is a ‘Missile Scare’Because why not terrify viewers when you have the option of doing so?
  7. international intrigue
    North Korea May Be Planning to Fire Missile Toward Hawaii Next MonthOr maybe Japan is just trying to scare us.