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Missouri’s Finest

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    Cop Who Called Brown Memorial ‘Trash’ on LeaveGood work, Officer Tim Zoll.
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    St. Louis PD Writes Facebook Post on Tamir RiceWhy?
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    Darren Wilson Has Resigned From the Ferguson Police Department [Updated]As expected.
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    New Video Shows Darren Wilson Threatening to Arrest a Guy for Filming Him“If you wanna take a picture of me one more time, I’m gonna lock your ass up.”
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    Report: Ferguson No-Fly Zone Was Aimed at MediaBy enforcing a no-fly zone over the area.
  6. New Witnesses Say Michael Brown Had His Hands UpThe contractors were standing about 50 feet away.
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    Unhinged St. Louis Cop Who Pushed Don Lemon Retires With Full Benefits At least he’s off the force.
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    2 Cops Fired Over Ferguson ProtestsThe one who said, “I’ll f*cking kill you,” along with another officer who was openly racist on Facebook.
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    Ferguson Police Drove Over a Michael Brown Memorial After Their Dogs Peed on ItThe night of the shooting.
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    Two Ferguson Cops Accused of Hitting, Hog-Tying ChildrenThe department hired them anyway.
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    Two St. Louis–Area Cops Suspended After Racist Rants One of them pushed Don Lemon, too. 
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    Graphic Video Shows St. Louis Police Shoot and Kill Kajieme Powell Near FergusonHe had a knife and was yelling “Shoot me! Shoot me!” Two officers fired 12 times.
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    Cop On-Camera in Ferguson: I’ll F*cking Kill YouA pleasant interaction from last night.
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    Darren Wilson Supporters, Online and in FergusonThe other, smaller side of the protests.
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    St. Louis Cops Kill Man With Knife Near FergusonThere’s no way this helps.
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    It Doesn’t Matter Whether Michael Brown Smoked WeedAnother leak meant to undermine the character of a dead 18-year-old.
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    The Insane Militarization of America’s PoliceBehind the gear used against the Michael Brown protesters.
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    Another Police Shooting and Another Night of Tear Gas in Ferguson, MissouriAn allegedly armed man was shot as the Michael Brown protests continue.
  19. Missouri Police Fatally Shot an Unarmed Black TeenAccording to the police, he was involved in an altercation with officers.