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Mister Softee

  1. the ice cream wars
    Can You Spot What’s Wrong With This Ice Cream Truck?At first glance everything looks fine, but …
  2. crimes and misdemeanors
    Misters Softee Suspect Mister Softee of Truck RobberiesYou’d think these guys could trust each other.
  3. crimes and misdemeanors
    Ice-Cream Truck Face-off Nearly Turns to Knife FightBoth drivers were arrested.
  4. Mayor Bloomberg Will Tell Mister Softee What’s WhatIce-cream sandwich? How about a knuckle sandwich?
  5. stupid crime of the day
    ‘There Was No Playground in Sight…’This is how you can tell a Mister Softee truck isn’t stopping for the children. It’s stopping for drugs.
  6. neighborhood news
    Attack of the ConesWe have to admit, we stole that headline from the ‘Daily News’ for this story about a Mister Softee driver who is driving one neighborhood insane.
  7. company town
    If Murdoch Really Hires a New ‘WSJ’ Managing Editor, Who Will It Be?Citigroup’s ban on fruit, ice-cream-truck wars, praise for Frank Gehry, and more in our daily industry roundup.
  8. the morning line
    The Thrilla in Albany • The battle royale between Joe Bruno and Eliot Spitzer — and maybe, a little bit, the Albany Times Union — continues to heat up. Now the embattled State Senate majority leader says he’ll activate a senate committee to investigate the guv — and start issuing subpoenas. [NYP] • Another week, another power outage: About 2,500 Upper East Siders lost their electricity again last night, this time after an underground fire. Blacking out 10021 twice in ten days can’t be good for business. [Reuters] • Turns out that while he was preparing to decamp the GOP, Mike Bloomberg was privately bombarding the state Republicans with messages of support — including pledges to back some Dem-targeted senators’$2 2008 campaigns. Now that’s triangulation. [NYT] • The new noise regulations have barely gone into effect, and already dozens of businesses have been busted — including a Mister Softee truck caught blasting the jingle in a residential area. [amNY] • And the Statue of Liberty is increasingly unlikely to make it onto the modern “seven wonders of the world” list currently being compiled. As the massive poll draws to a close with over 90 million votes cast, the poor green thing is languishing at the bottom, with the likes of the Kremlin and Stonehenge. [NYDN]