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  1. early and often
    Could the House and Senate Flip in 2024? The Odds Look GoodDemocrats and Republicans switching control in the same election has never happened before, and it could mean renewed gridlock in Washington.
  2. early and often
    McConnell Can’t Fully Quash Health Concerns, Even Among Senate RepublicansThe Capitol Hill doctor cleared McConnell after he froze for a second time, but a few Senate Republicans openly doubted his rosy health assessment.
  3. early and often
    Mitch McConnell Freezes Again During Press ConferenceThe 81-year-old Senate minority leader froze while taking questions from reporters in Kentucky, the second such incident in about a month.
  4. early and often
    Senate Republicans Learn to Stop Worrying, Love Trump’s ComebackMany Republicans blamed Trump for their midterm losses. Now that he’s the clear 2024 front-runner, they’ve decided they can still live with him.
  5. on with kara swisher
    Tim Wu on Why the GOP’s Crusade Against Big Tech Is BaloneyThe antitrust expert tells Kara Swisher how Republican leaders killed a crucial effort to rein in tech companies.
  6. the national interest
    The Republicans’ Problem Isn’t ‘Candidate Quality,’ It’s Crazy PeopleBeing sane isn’t a messaging choice.
  7. politics
    Brian Sicknick’s Family Snubs Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthyFamily members of a police officer who died following the attack on the Capitol refused to shake hands with Republican leaders at a medal ceremony .
  8. early and often
    The Extreme Makeover That Could Swing the SenateDon Bolduc was gaffe-prone before a few million dollars’ worth of discipline.
  9. early and often
    Trump Demanded a Government Shutdown and Nobody NoticedHis incendiary jab at Mitch McConnell distracted from a complaint about congressional Republicans not opting to destroy their midterm chances.
  10. early and often
    If You Really Love Democracy, You Can’t Love the U.S. SenateMitch McConnell and Kyrsten Sinema are big on respecting the Senate as an institution, but valuing democracy means working to minimize its impact.
  11. early and often
    Rick Scott Wants Mitch McConnell to Be ‘Cheerleader’ for Bad CandidatesScott, the Republican Senatorial Committee chairman, is upset at McConnell for merely hinting that weak MAGA candidates are a problem for the party.
  12. the national interest
    Mitch McConnell’s Terrible Candidates Are His Own FaultThis happened because the GOP decided not to confront Trump’s election lies.
  13. the national interest
    Why Biden Is Getting More Bipartisan Laws Than Anyone ExpectedI was skeptical he could get Republican to support anything. I was wrong.
  14. early and often
    The Republicans Who Saved Trump After January 6This Will Not Pass demonstrates how GOP leaders betrayed their conscience in the name of power.
  15. 2022 midterms
    Republicans Can Still Fumble Away the SenateThe GOP is favored to retake the Senate in 2022, but they’ve screwed up similar situations through a combination of extremism, gaffes, and bad luck.
  16. the national interest
    Why Ketanji Brown Jackson Will Be the Last Democratic Justice for a Long TimeThe Court is getting more partisan and much harder to change.
  17. politics
    Rick Scott Doubles Down on His Bonkers Agenda for the GOPMitch McConnell publicly rejected Scott’s disastrous plan, so now the Florida senator has written an op-ed to whine about his persecution.
  18. rick scott
    Rick Scott’s Bonkers GOP Agenda Shows Why McConnell Doesn’t Want OneIf you think Donald Trump is too moderate, the Florida senator has got an 11-point plan just for you.
  19. politics
    Republican Senators Once Blamed Trump for January 6. They Forgot.Many Republicans harshly criticized Trump even as they voted to acquit in his second impeachment trial. One year later, they’re defending the rioters.
  20. kyrsten sinema
    Kyrsten Sinema’s New Republican Friends Aren’t Going to Vote for HerHer antics have cost her the support of Arizona Democrats, and she won’t be saved by the Republicans lionizing her for “saving the Senate.”
  21. politics
    Stephen Breyer and the End of the Apolitical Supreme CourtEven John Roberts and Amy Coney Barrett claim to be above politics. But Breyer may be the last justice to actually believe it.
  22. election coup
    The Election Law Central to January 6 Might Actually Get FixedBoth Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are “open” to reform of the Electoral Count Act.
  23. the national interest
    The Filibuster Is Living on Borrowed TimeMitch McConnell wants you to think the fight is over. It’s not.
  24. politics
    The GOP Has Adopted an Anti-Voting-Rights Case It Once RejectedToday’s Republicans are using the same arguments southern Democrats once used to oppose the original Voting Rights Act.
  25. politics
    McConnell Dragged Into Twisted Trump-Graham DramaGraham’s threat to help oust McConnell is a bit confusing, unless you’ve been following the South Carolina senator’s bonkers friendship with Trump.
  26. 2022 midterms
    Larry Hogan and the Fantasy World of Moderate RepublicanismRepublicans are trying to talk Maryland governor Larry Hogan into a Senate run, but his brand of politics probably isn’t the party’s future.
  27. the national interest
    Republicans Want You to Think January 6 Was Random ViolencePolitical violence that has major-party support is categorically different.
  28. democrats
    Will a Doomed Voting-Rights Push Really Help Biden?Democrats’ “supercharged” drive to pass voting-rights legislation, which will likely fail, could discourage base voters more than sober realism.
  29. politics
    The Rights Blue States May Lose If the GOP Returns to PowerToday Republicans are all about states’ rights. If they win in 2024, they’ll likely embrace federal activism on everything from abortion to voting.
  30. obits
    Harry Reid and the Power of PersistenceReid’s unlikely climb to power and his record as Senate Democratic leader were a testament to his determined loyalty to his party and his state.
  31. joe manchin
    Could Joe Manchin Really Switch Parties?The senator may become a Republican one day, but giving up the enormous leverage he holds over Democrats right now makes little sense.
  32. republicans
    Will the ‘Post-Trump Era’ Ever Begin?Considering a potential retirement over Senate leadership, Republican John Thune may be realizing that politics after Trump is actually far away.
  33. politics
    Could Trump Really Depose Mitch McConnell?It’s hard to imagine Republicans denying Donald Trump anything he demanded, but ousting Mitch McConnell as GOP leader won’t be easy.
  34. explainer
    What Is Congress Even Doing Right Now? A Brief Guide.Congress is tangled in interlocking bills and delayed crises. Here’s the real status and deadline on reconciliation, the debt ceiling, and the rest.
  35. debt limit
    McConnell Strikes Convoluted Deal to Let Democrats Avoid a Debt DefaultLeave it to Mitch to devise a phony mechanism to get Republican votes for a measure that will saddle Democrats wrongly with blame for debt increase.
  36. 2022 midterms
    McConnell Signals GOP Will Run on Pure Obstruction in the MidtermsThey disagree on a lot of things, but Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump both believe in the pursuit of power as an end in itself.
  37. government shutdown
    Will Republicans Force a Government Shutdown to Fight Biden’s Vaccine Mandates?A small group of conservatives can gum up the works and force at least a brief shutdown. But with Omicron looming, the timing is strange.
  38. nicknames
    Trump Keeps Trying to Make ‘Broken Old Crow’ McConnell HappenThe Senate minority leader is uniquely difficult to insult, as he embraces almost every negative thing people say about him. But Trump can do better.
  39. voting rights
    Shameless Republicans Filibuster Voting-Rights Protections They Used to SupportWhat happened in the 15 years since Senate Republicans unanimously backed the same voting-rights procedures they now oppose? Nothing good.
  40. joe manchin
    Is Manchin Considering Quitting the Democratic Party?The West Virginian wants to issue a credible threat to Democrats to increase his leverage in negotiations over Biden’s agenda.
  41. debt limit
    Republican Revolt Against McConnell Debt-Limit Deal FizzlesJust enough Republican Senate votes materialized to break the filibuster and punt the debate on the debt limit to December.
  42. politics
    No, Mitch McConnell Didn’t ‘Cave’ on the Debt CeilingTalk of McConnell folding misses what he got out of the debt-limit deal: a vote he can use against Democrats in 2022 and more chaos down the road.
  43. debt default
    McConnell and Schumer Find a Temporary Solution to a Pretend CrisisThe leaders have solved the debate over the looming debt default by kicking the issue a few months down the line.
  44. politics
    Democrats, Joe Manchin Is Absolutely Not Going to Reform the FilibusterIf a potential debt default followed by an economic collapse isn’t reason enough to limit the power of the filibuster, nothing else is either.
  45. debt ceiling
    Democrats Must Raise the Debt Limit to a Quadrillion DollarsInstead of trying to win a staring contest with Mitch McConnell, Democrats should use reconciliation to (effectively) abolish the debt ceiling.
  46. politics
    A Manufactured Debt Limit Crisis Is a Bad Gamble for DemocratsCould be a “Heads I win, tails you lose” situation for McConnell and Republicans, since Democrats will be blamed for any economic fallout.
  47. politics
    Raising the Debt Ceiling Is Now a Slightly Less Nightmarish TaskThe parliamentarian says Democrats can lift the debt limit without derailing Biden’s agenda, no GOP votes required. But it’s still a tricky maneuver.
  48. democrats
    Embattled Democrats Should Count Their BlessingsDemocrats may not leave the legacy their trifecta led them to expect. But it could have been far worse if 2020 election results had shifted slightly.
  49. politics
    The Infrastructure Bill May Be Bipartisan, But Republicans Won’t Help Save ItSince the value of this bill to centrist Democrats is strictly its bipartisanship, what does it say that Kevin McCarthy will happily watch it die?
  50. congress
    Mitch McConnell Prefers Calamitous Debt Default to Helping DemocratsDemocrats helped McConnell raise the debt limit during the last administration, but he insists Republicans aren’t going to return the favor.
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