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  1. mobama watch
    Michelle Obama Is Now a Scandal FanShe binge-watched every season over the holidays.
  2. mobama
    Is Michelle Obama a Better Dancer Than Your Mom?Probably, but you should still watch this video.
  3. Michelle Obama Joined PinterestGuess what she’s been pinning?
  4. mobama
    Michelle Obama: Queen of Sarcasm?“I think people are surprised when I say that I do love campaigning.”
  5. mobama
    Michelle Obama Might Use Twitter SometimesThe First Lady has a new account, but it’s run by campaign staff.
  6. mobama
    Michelle Obama Says She Never Clashed With Rahm EmanuelThe First Lady responds to Jodi Kantor’s book.
  7. book report
    The Best Tidbits From Jodi Kantor’s Obama BookAnd why the White House isn’t happy with it.