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  1. vision 2020
    Biden’s Electability Advantage Will Be Hard to ShakeMost factors voters use to measure electability give Joe Biden an advantage, and Democrats are not in the mood to gamble on the 2020 outcome.
  2. the zucc
    Facebook Exacerbates One Problem by Trying to Solve AnotherIn reintroducing human editors, Facebook is making it easier for bad-faith critics to claim bias.
  3. 🥵🥵🥵🥵
    Instead of Enforcing Its Rules, Twitter Will Make Breaking Them Extremely CoolTwitter…
  4. moderation
    YouTube Has Only One RuleYouTube is “reexamining” its harassment policy. Can that solve the platform’s problems?
  5. moderation
    Report: YouTube’s Alt-Right Content Is As Popular As Its MusicFor years, employees warned executives about prioritizing engagement above all else.
  6. moderation
    Facebook Can’t Solve Its Problems by Throwing Bodies at ThemThe social network’s fix for pervasive moderation issues is to bring on more and more people, rather than address structural issues.
  7. life in pixels
    Facebook Is Going to Have a Supreme Court. Will It Work?Facebook’s new “oversight board” sounds a lot like a judiciary. So where are the other branches?
  8. friction
    Facebook Doesn’t Need to Fix Society. It Just Needs to Fix Facebook.The company’s struggle to create and enforce a single rule-set masks the larger issue.
  9. select all
    Reddit Bans Major QAnon Hive, r/GreatAwakeningWhere will the conspiracy theorists head now?
  10. select all
    The Only Pressure Facebook Understands Is From Its Megaplatform RivalsNobody can force Facebook to do anything, unless they’re the competition.
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    Facebook, Apple, and Spotify Remove Infowars ContentAll three platforms cited “hate speech” as the reason.
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    Can YouTube Survive the Adpocalypse?After countless scandals, the end of YouTube’s age of exploration seems nigh.
  13. select all
    Can 10,000 Moderators Save YouTube?Or are we doomed to a lifetime of Pregnant Spider-Man?
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    Reddit Cracks Down on Violent Content, Removing Nazi GroupsGlorifying or inciting violence is now prohibited in most cases.
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    Facebook Says You Can’t Monetize Sonic the Hedgehog EroticaNew guidelines prohibit putting ads in pretty much anything that’s newsworthy.
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    Facebook’s Training Documents: ‘We Protect White Men’Insulting black children is fine, however.
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    Facebook Accidentally Doxed Moderators to Suspected TerroristsOne moderator had to go into hiding.
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    Leaked Documents Reveal Facebook’s Secret, Baffling Moderation GuidelinesBroad attacks on large groups of people get the boot.
  19. select all
    You Can Now Filter Your Own Instagram Comments, Just Like a CelebrityThe antiharassment tool is a small but important step.
  20. Good News for Taylor Swift: Instagram Will Introduce Moderation Tools SoonThe features will give users more control over what appears on their accounts.