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Money In Politics

  1. 2020 democratic primaries
    Tom Steyer Bought Himself a ‘Grassroots Campaign’ for $10 MillionThe billionaire candidate insists that he is the Democrats’ only credible messenger on preventing big money from distorting our politics.
  2. vision 2020
    Tom Steyer Launches Another Presidential Candidacy We Don’t NeedIt will take even more money than Tom Steyer has to find voters who believe he is uniquely capable of fighting the power of money in politics.
  3. Democrats to Gut Banking Regulations, for Bipartisanship’s SakeIn the Senate, lawmakers put aside their differences, and work together to help banks abuse consumers and jeopardize our financial system.
  4. Gillibrand and Booker Swear Off Corporate CashThe rumored 2020 candidates join Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Maria Cantwell in refusing donations from corporate PACs.
  5. The GOP Donor Class Is a Pack of Ungrateful BratsThe GOP has sacrificed its own political interests — and the public’s most basic regulatory protections — to advance its donors’ radical agenda.
  6. Trump Donated Thousands to the Campaigns of House Freedom Caucus Members“When you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do,” Trump once said. The House’s tea partiers may owe him a refund.
  7. Big-Money Donors Mobilize to Save Trump’s PresidencyMeanwhile, small-dollar donors are delivering record-breaking sums of money to anti-Trump Democrats.
  8. Big Beer Takes on Little Weed at the Ballot BoxThe alcohol industry is bankrolling efforts to defeat this fall’s ballot initiatives on marijuana legalization.
  9. Conservative Plutocrats Make Massive Investment in GOP Senate RacesTwo super-pacs designed to retain GOP Senate control took in $42 million last month, as Trump-averse donors focus their funds on the upper chamber.
  10. Big Oil Is Ready for HillaryEmployees and executives in the energy industry have donated far more money to Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump.
  11. George Soros Is Trying to Buy America a Less Racist Justice SystemThe billionaire financier is trying to buy elections — for district-attorney candidates who support criminal-justice reform.
  12. 7 Things We Learned From the FEC Data MapLots of Bernie supporters, but way less money going to him from New York than you might think.