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Money Primary

  1. money primary
    Super-PACs Prepare Final Ad BlitzesThere’s still a lot of money to shove through the airwaves. 
  2. money primary
    The Obama Campaign Has Reached the Four Million Donor MarkA grassroots milestone.
  3. money primary
    Obama Campaign Says It Raised $181 Million in SeptemberUp from yesterday’s low-ball $150 million estimate.
  4. money primary
    Romney Ends Rough Week With Disappointing Report on Campaign FinancesPerhaps it wasn’t a good time to give staffers a bonus.
  5. money primary
    Romney Widens Cash Advantage, Now Has $62 Million More Than ObamaThe Republican nominee’s money lead has more than doubled since last month.
  6. money primary
    President Obama’s Fund-raising Machine Is Sputtering For the first time, the president and the Democrats have less in the bank than Mitt and the RNC.
  7. money primary
    Mitt Romney Is Still Winning the Fund-raising War Liberal super-PACs to the rescue? 
  8. money primary
    Obama Campaign Ramps Up Fund-raising Efforts “We just can’t be drowned out. A few billionaires can’t drown out millions of voices.”
  9. money primary
    The Romneys Inject the First of Their Meager Millions Into the Race$150,000 in May.
  10. the slow delegate march
    Romney Spending at Least Four Times As Much Per Vote As SantorumAnd nearly three times as much per delegate.
  11. no shows
    GOP Billionaire Rainmaker Charles Koch Sat Out Kansas CaucusesHasn’t picked a candidate to back yet.
  12. money primary
    Santorum Has Two Million-Dollar Days, Back to BackBut that’s still peanuts to Moneybags Mitt.
  13. Small Donations on the Rise for Obama, Gingrich, and CainMore than 40 percent are less than $200.
  14. Outside Group Upping Rick Perry Ad SpendingPAC spent $250,000 in South Carolina.
  15. money primary
    The Money Metric: The Latest Fund-raising Update From the Campaign TrailObama dominant; Perry and Romney comfortable; Cain still in need of a funding boost.
  16. gop 2012
    The Money Metric: How GOP Candidates Are DoingEarly fund-raising figures show a slow-starting GOP field.