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  1. No, Judge Tells Monkey, You Cannot Copyright Your SelfiesNaruto may or may not have an intellect, but he does not have intellectual property.
  2. science
    Getting Drunk at Brunch No Longer a Characteristic of Hipsters AloneChimps in Guinea drink all day and then take naps.
  3. the final frontier
    Iran Successfully Sends Monkey Into Space, SupposedlyProgress?
  4. gross things
    Zookeeper Saves Monkey By Licking Its Anus for an HourThis is the only story you need to read for the rest of your life.
  5. obit
    Monkey Painting: An Artist Mourns His Pet CapuchinThe story of Allen Hirsch and his pet monkey.
  6. it’s science
    AIDS Vaccine Shows Promise in MonkeysThe research could “significantly contribute” to a human vaccine.
  7. weird science
    What Separates Us From Chimps?Lost DNA.
  8. manderson
    Here Is That Video of Anderson Cooper Dressed in a Bunny SuitWe know you’ve all been waiting.
  9. animals with gourds
    Here Is a Video of Zoo Animals Chewing on GourdsGorillas, bears, and even vultures get into the holiday spirit.
  10. human behavior
    The Test for Self-awareness in Animals Might Not Be Sensitive EnoughMacaques demonstrate their self-awareness by touching their genitals in a mirror.
  11. terrorists of the b&b
    Benjamin the Capuchin Found at a Home for Wayward MonkeysBenjamin has a biting problem, which is sort of like saying Benjamin is a monkey.
  12. animanhattan
    Exotic-Pet Owners Take a Laissez-faire Approach to Their Wild AnimalsWhy would someone need accident insurance for a black bear?
  13. terrified puppies of the jungle!!!!
    New Species of Amazonian Titi Monkey Not Really Into Being DiscoveredSome monkeys do not want to be found.
  14. cute things
    Monkeys Eating Jell-O at the Bronx ZooThey just can’t figure out what it is.
  15. animies
    Connecticut Won’t Press Charges Against Chimp OwnerSandra Herold, the Connecticut woman whose pet chimpanzee, Travis, attacked her friend, is off the hook in at least one respect.
  16. monkeys are just like us only hairier and more ruthless
    Never Let a Monkey See You SweatHow not to be terrorized by monkeys, should you come into contact with them.
  17. ink-stained wretches
    Fake New York Post Not As Fun As It SoundsThe only animal stories in it are depressing.
  18. monkeys are living like humans all around us
    Here Is a Video of Monkeys Having a Pool PartyBecause we don’t know about you, but we need a break from thinking about health care.
  19. monkeys are living like humans all around us
    An Ape Pulled a Knife on Another ApeYesterday at a zoo in Canada, a gorilla picked up a knife that a zoo employee accidentally left in his cage and appeared to threaten another gorilla with it.
  20. why they hate us
    Chimps Living as Humans Are Actually an American TraditionThe ‘Times’ tells us a sweet story about a man reconnecting with a childhood pet-sister.
  21. why they hate us
    Chimps Stockpiling Weapons, Planning AttacksChilling news: Chimps are planning attacks in advance.
  22. Connecticut Possibly Trying to Become Nation’s Ape-Pet CapitalAnother Nutmegger is in trouble for owning an ape.
  23. animanhattan
    Upper West Side Woman Sues Neighbor’s ChihuahuasBecause they are annoying.
  24. There Are Monkeys Living Like People All Around UsThere’s Higgins and Benjamin and Mikey and thousands more!