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  1. climate change
    Flooding From Global Warming, Meet Moon ‘Wobble’A NASA team found that a new phase in the lunar orbit will increase sunny-day flooding by as much as four times by the mid-2030s.
  2. moon
    Get Ready for Wednesday’s ‘Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse’What exactly is going on here?
  3. The Super Blue Blood Moon Was Highly PhotogenicFor the first time 152 years, this rare lunar event was visible in the U.S.
  4. A Recap of the Great American Solar EclipseInstagram is inundated, and even Donald Trump dons a pair of special glasses.
  5. obits
    Neil Armstrong Has Died The first man on the moon was 82. 
  6. weather
    Tomorrow Night You’ll See the Moon, Even in Times SquareIf it’s not raining, that is.
  7. science is ruining the moon
    Dr. Evil NASA Is Bombing the Moon TomorrowBecause there will be water there, supposedly, but really because it’s “going to be pretty cool.”