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  1. Convention Bounce: A Love That Doesn’t Always LastJust ask Jimmy Carter — or John McCain.
  2. homeward bound
    Texas Attorneys Back Down, Will Allow Syrian Refugees for NowThey are still seeking a legal position that would allow them an injunction.
  3. Riddle Left at Queens Fire Not Related to Arson Ninja, Police SayStill no word from the World’s Greatest Detective.
  4. oops
    Guantanamo Inmate Held for 13 Years in Case of Mistaken Identity, Says PentagonHe expressed no desire for the future other than to get married.
  5. the riddler
    Arson Ninja Designs Scavenger Hunt for Those Who Want to Arrest HimThe Riddler returns to Gotham.
  6. horrible things
    6-Year-Old Dies After Finding a Loaded Gun Stuck in a CouchAnother gun accident involving a child — the fourth in the last six weeks, in Georgia alone.
  7. stand clear the closing doors
    Cuomo Vetoes Plan to Allow Poor Commuters Two Bus TransfersHe said the bill didn’t pay for itself.
  8. Drunk Mac-and-Cheese Bro Emerges From Stupor to Appear in CourtThe suburban slugger returns to his old stomping grounds one last time.
  9. 17 Injured in Crossfire During a New Orleans Block PartyAll the injured are in stable condition.
  10. guns on the run
    Homeless Man in the Bronx Finds Missing Army Reserve WeaponryThirteen guns are still at large.
  11. The Vine Heard Round the WorldThe video service isn’t your first stop for news, but it might be soon.
  12. moving violations
    Google Self-Driving Car Pulled Over for Driving Too SlowlyLicense and registration, ple— oh …
  13. Bratton: Stop Giving Money to HomelessBratton goes off script.
  14. L.A. UFO Was the Military, the Government SaysOf course, the government always has an answer for everything.
  15. wait times
    What’s Happening With the Second Avenue Subway?A billion bucks was taken out of the budget.
  16. gun control
    Amy Schumer and Senator Schumer Team Up Against GunsA family matter, but not a laughing matter.
  17. 3 Terminally Ill New Yorkers Lose Right-to-Die Court CaseThree patients seek to end their lives on their terms.
  18. Little League Treasurer Charged With Stealing $90,000 From KidsHe spent nearly $3,000 to get his car fixed.  
  19. the panopticon
    NYPD Doesn’t Want to Talk About Its X-ray VansAn unsettling lack of transparency.
  20. company town
    Al Gore: Cashing In on His Big YearFINANCE • Al Gore, venture capitalist? The Nobel laureate and Apple board member is taking a hands-on role at Kleiner Perkins, the leading Silicon Valley venture firm. His goal: Save the world. And annoy GE’s Jeff Immelt as much as possible. [Fortune] • Harvard picked Robert S. Kaplan, a former Goldman Sachs vice-chairman, as the new steward for the $35 billion endowment. Something tells us his kids won’t have any trouble getting in. [Reuters via NYT] • A few management consultants with nothing better to do gave the Times its newest buzzword: CEO version 3.0. With the departures of Stan O’Neal, Chuck Prince, and Richard Parsons, it’s now time for leaders “who can assemble a team that functions as smoothly as a jazz sextet.” Because, as James Cayne showed, the old CEOs were way too bebop. [NYT]