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  1. foreign interests
    The Massacre of a Mormon Family in Mexico Will Hang Over the 2020 ElectionThis horrific example of Mexico’s security problems will likely become a fixture in Trump’s rhetoric on combating violence south of the border.
  2. Trump’s Clumsy Outreach to MormonsThe GOP nominee pitches a change in tax regulations he devised to appeal to Evangelicals — but that is irrelevant to LDS folk.
  3. Gary Johnson Offends the State of Utah by Suggesting That Mormons Are MurderersIt’s a state where the Libertarian candidate could even do well — if he smartens up.
  4. Trump Has a Mormon Problem — and It Could Matter in a Close RaceThe most intensely pro-GOP faith community in the country is not keen on the presumptive nominee. That could tip some states.
  5. amazing things
    Poll: Utah Would Support Democrat If Trump Becomes Republican NomineeThe state hasn’t supported a Democratic presidential candidate in more than 50 years.
  6. lds
    The Mormon Church Is Still Excommunicating People Who Advocate for Gay MarriageJohn Dehlin runs a popular website.
  7. sister wives
    Utah Gov. Plans to Defend Anti-Polygamy LawBecause of his “own provincial view of traditional marriage.”
  8. early and awkward
    Mormon Sen. Michael Crapo Drinks His Vodka By the ShotThe nominal teetotaler did not shirk from the sauce.
  9. Mormon Republican Senator Arrested for DUI After Fateful Traffic StopSen. Michael Crapo isn’t even going to try to explain this one.
  10. early and awkward
    Whoopi Goldberg ‘Read’ That Mormons Don’t Fight in WarsMitt Romney doesn’t fight in wars. That’s not the same thing.
  11. early and awful
    Some Voters Worried About All Those Wives Mitt Romney Probably HasMore proof that people just believe what they want to believe.
  12. convention dispatch
    These Mormons Aren’t Voting for RomneyInside a gathering of LDS Democrats.
  13. Ralph Reed on Robocalls, Mormons, and Koch “Have you ever looked at some of the things we believe?”
  14. stuck in the middle
    Study: Romney’s ‘Religion Problem’ Is OverblownIn fact, information about his Mormon faith may be beneficial.
  15. mormons
    Mormons Against Mitt RomneyAntiwar group buying billboards in Utah.
  16. High Mormon Turnout Assures Romney at Least Quarter of Nevada VoteThat’s how many Mormons came out to caucus; 98 percent went for Romney in 2008.
  17. neighborhood news
    Mormon Church Accused of Gentrifying HarlemA land sale is disappointing church members and neighbors alike.
  18. stuck in the mittle
    Down in Polls, Romney Talking More About MormonismIt’s a way to chip away at Gingrich.
  19. stuck in the mittle
    The Mormon Church Wants to Sway You — But Not If You Live in a Primary StateNow we’ll never know who the Mormon church would endorse.
  20. values voter summit dispatch
    The Mormon Discussion That Was Always Going to Happen Is Now HappeningAfter a Perry-backing pastor calls Mormonism a “cult,” the religious question has burst into the forefront of the race. We talked to Values Voter Summit attendees to see what they thought.
  21. bons mots
    All-Mormon GOP Ticket Probably Not Happening“There would be too many jokes about that.”
  22. 2012
    Mormon Church Wants to Stay One Step Ahead of the Conspiracy TheoristsThe church wants to actively combat the notion that it might be promoting the Romney or Huntsman campaigns.
  23. sad charts
    Nearly One in Five Republicans Wouldn’t Vote for a MormonBad news for Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman.
  24. party chat
    Cheyenne Jackson Used to Play Satan in His Mormon Street DramasThe ‘30 Rock’ star got an early start.
  25. glenn beck
    Dana Milbank: Glenn Beck Is Paving the Way for a Mormon Salvation of AmericaSome of his rhetoric sounds familiar.
  26. the gods must be crazy
    Who Knows the Most About Religion? Atheists, Jews, and MormonsAtheists know more about religion than people than believe in it.
  27. god hates pundits
    Muslims Like Barack Obama Even Though He Eats During RamadanNo big love from Mormons, though.
  28. cable news news
    ‘A Lot of Latter-Day Saints Would Think That Beck Was Asking Them to Leave Their Own Church’“Am I advising people to leave their church? Yes!”
  29. jews
    Mormon Utah Senator Orrin Hatch Wrote a Hanukkah SongNo, you read that correctly.
  30. early and awkward
    Barack Obama’s Mom Is a Mormon NowBut didn’t she die fourteen years ago? Yup.
  31. real estate porn
    Real World: Brooklyn House: Headache-yThe Gothamist crew got a peek into the ‘Real World’ Red Hook loft, and it ain’t pretty.
  32. equal rites
    Gays Turn Anger, Snappy Sarcasm Toward Mormon ChurchThe gays marched on an Upper West Side Mormon temple last night, angry over the church’s role in passing California’s Proposition 8.
  33. intel
    Enough With the Effing Osmonds!A brief rant: All morning today Good Morning America has been shrieking about how all the original members of the Von Trapp Osmond Family Singers are all performing together for the first time since Iwo Jima or something. Does anybody care? Is there any one person in this country who wakes up in the morning and thinks, Maybe today is the day the Osmonds will reunite? We didn’t understand all the hullabaloo when Oprah had all 2,500 of them onstage in November, and we still don’t understand it now. If they had all the Jacksons onstage together, that would be one thing. But the Osmonds? There isn’t even one named Jermajesty! And why are they always smiling? They’re Mormons, not Scientologists. It’s just creepy.