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Mortgage Interest Deduction

  1. Looks Like Trump Genuinely Enacted (a Tiny Bit of) Tax ‘Reform’The GOP tax bill will slash the number of filers who use the regressive mortgage-interest deduction by more than half, according to the JCT.
  2. Under the Trump Tax Bill, You’d Probably Stop Itemizing Your DeductionsThe Senate tax bill massively reduces incentives for itemizing deductions, especially in places like California, New York, and New Jersey.
  3. Trump Tax Bill Hammers New York and CaliforniaOther than hitting the bicoastal upper-middle-class folk, the House GOP tax writers picked their fights carefully.
  4. GOP Tax ‘Simplification’ Initiative So, So ComplicatedYou’d think a nice, modest, balanced tax cut would be easy for a GOP Congress and White House to execute. But the GOP keeps complicating it all.