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  1. Putin Invites Trump to Moscow for a One-on-One MeetingThe White House said Trump is open to visiting once he gets a “formal invitation.”
  2. politics
    Lessons From Putin’s Russia for Living in Trump’s AmericaOnce you lose faith in one institution, you start to lose faith in them all.
  3. international affairs
    Three Dead After Massive Brawl in Moscow CemeteryAt least 200 participated in the fight between two rival groups of workers over who would provide burial services in the cemetery.
  4. Moscow’s Judgy New Park Benches Will Weigh You Whether You Like It or NotIn Russia, benches weigh you.
  5. scary and sad things
    Rush-Hour Subway Crash Kills at Least 19 People in Moscow Around 150 more were injured.
  6. spy games
    Is Snowden Hiding in a Moscow Airport Hotel?One has “cruise-style beds,” while the other keeps certain guests confined to their rooms.
  7. terrorble
    Explosion Kills 35 People at Moscow Airport [Updated]Reports suggest it could have been a suicide bomber.
  8. sad things
    At Least 37 Killed in Twin Suicide Attacks in MoscowThe suicide bombers were female, but it is unknown for whom, or what, they were acting.
  9. pretty people
    New Year’s Eve With the Jet Set: Gaga in Miami, the Box in MoscowMustique is so last year.