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    Where’s Our Laser-Shooting Mosquito Death Machine?Nathan Myhrvold said he was making just that in 2010. We’re still waiting.
  2. zika virus
    Almost All of Miami Beach Is Now a Zika Transmission ZoneThe affected area is essential to Miami-Dade County’s tourism industry.
  3. ‘Zika Is Now Here’: 14 Floridians Infected With Zika From Local MosquitoesTen more tested positive over the weekend.
  4. zika virus
    New York Is Taking No Chances With ZikaMosquito season begins in April.
  5. Obama Wants $1.8 Billion to Fight ZikaOne big swat.
  6. ask a best doctor
    Ask a Best Doctor: Why Do Mosquitoes Love My Sweet, Sweet Blood?Sweat and fat play a role.
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    Scientist Gives Insect-Borne Disease to Wife During Sex, Makes Virological HistoryA biologist’s bedroom accident leads to discovery.