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  1. Report: U.S. Air Strikes Are Killing Far More Civilians Under TrumpTrump’s strikes are killing more than 12 civilians per day.
  2. Iraqi Army Retakes Mosul From ISISThe brutal, months-long offensive has finally “liberated” Iraq’s second-largest city after three years of ISIS control.
  3. ISIS Allegedly Destroyed Mosul Mosque Where Its Leader Declared ‘Caliphate’Iraqi and coalition forces blame ISIS; ISIS blames the U.S.-led coalition.
  4. U.S. Commander Says There Is ‘Fair Chance’ That Strike Killed Civilians in MosulFighting has intensified as Iraqi and coalition forces try to retake the densely populated, ISIS-held city.
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    U.S. Acknowledges Mosul Air Strike That May Have Killed HundredsAs many as 200 civilians may have been killed when three houses collapsed after a coalition attack on ISIS militants in the area.
  6. 2016 Was the Hottest Year EverBreaking the record for the third year in a row.
  7. Iraqi Government Forces Are About to Cross Into MosulBreaching the city lines after three weeks of fighting.
  8. Mosul: ISIS Reportedly Using Civilians As Human Shields As Thousands Try to FleeA grave humanitarian crisis is unfolding.
  9. Kurdish Fighters Have Retaken at Least 9 Towns on the Outskirts of MosulSome footage from the front lines is streaming on Facebook.
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    The Battle to Liberate Mosul From ISIS Has BegunThe fight is expected to last weeks, if not months, and may lead to an enormous humanitarian crisis.
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    U.S. Gears Up to Retake Mosul by Sending 560 More Troops to IraqThat brings the total number up to 4,600.
  12. Two ISIS-Controlled Cities Just Got Closer to LiberationMosul in Iraq and Palmyra in Syria are getting put on the road to freedom. 
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    Creepy ISIS Sex-Slave Rules Appear in Iraqi CityThey were handed out after Friday prayers, obviously.
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    Badass Dutch Biker Gang Fighting ISIS in IraqBecause Europe is just too peaceful.