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Mother Teresa

  1. international affairs
    Mother Teresa Is Now Officially a Catholic SaintThe megafamous charity worker was canonized by Pope Francis in a ceremony attended by tens of thousands at the Vatican on Sunday.
  2. early and awkward
    Bishop Asks Voters to Write In Dead CatholicsAs always, it’s about abortion.
  3. the evil empire
    Nobel Peace Prize Winner Mother Teresa to Be Honored by WarshipHow appropriate.
  4. the evil empire
    Empire State Building Owner Calls Decision ‘Final and Irrevocable’And takes a shot at Bill Donohue while he’s at it.
  5. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Defends Villains Du JourLeave Tony Hayward and the Empire State Building alone!
  6. symbolic lights
    The Empire State Building Dimmed Its Lights for the Pope in 2005So why won’t it light them for Mother Teresa?
  7. empire state building
    Christine Quinn, Catholic League Team Up in Honor of Mother TeresaEmpire State Building refuses to put up lights in honor of holy woman.