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Mount Rushmore

  1. delusions of grandeur
    Yes, Trump Actually Did Want to Be Added to Mount RushmoreA White House aide reportedly looked into the process for adding another president’s face to the monument.
  2. fourth of july
    Trump Is Throwing a Mount Rushmore Fireworks Show. What Could Go Wrong?Between the coronavirus and potential for wildfires, experts are warning that the Friday night’s event could spell trouble.
  3. celebrations
    What We Know About Trump’s Second Annual July 4th CelebrationAfter a fireworks show above Mount Rushmore, Trump will head back to D.C. for more fireworks and flyovers.
  4. road trips!
    On May 8, President Obama Will Become the 4th President to Visit All 50 States“I can’t let my South Dakota friends feel neglected.”
  5. bachmann ambition overdrive
    Michele Bachmann Wants James Garfield and Calvin Coolidge on Mount RushmoreUm … what?