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  1. neighborhood news
    MoveOn.org Is Sorry for Picking on, Quoting Charles Barron The organization promises to unite, not divide, the progressive left going forward.
  2. cable news
    Talk Box: Kentucky Reminds Chris Matthews of Thirties GermanyPlus, Keith Olbermann interviews the MoveOn.org rep who got her head stomped on.
  3. early and awful
    Rand Paul Supporters Respond to MoveOn Protester by Stomping on Her HeadWatch the disturbing video.
  4. health carnage
    MoveOn.org Raises $1 Million to Fight Joe LiebermanThey’re going to get back at him for killing the Medicare buy-in with … sock puppets!
  5. election hangover
    MoveOn Up to the Upper West SideWhat happens when political activists get together? ‘It was like a co-op tenants’ meeting,’ said one attendee.
  6. the greatest show of our time
    ‘Gossip Girl’ Stars Shill for ObamaGood kids don’t let parents vote McCain.
  7. in other news
    Nas and Bill O’Reilly Try to Out-Hyperbolize Each OtherWe recount the beginnings of what will clearly be the most entertaining feud of summer 2008.
  8. photo op
    Liberal Activists to ‘WSJ’ Rescue! Oh, how cute! MoveOn.org held a protest this afternoon against Rupert Murdoch’s purchase of Dow Jones, handing out fake, “Murdoched” versions of The Wall Street Journal in front of the company’s World Financial Center headquarters. Of course, it’s hard to see what effect a lefty protest can have on an already- consummated business deal by a bunch of people who don’t care what lefties think. But, then, these are also the people who supported Howard Dean and then John Kerry; we don’t imagine their expectations are high. Related: Wall Street Journal Gone Wild [The Nation via Yahoo]