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  1. movies
    Oppenheimer’s Politics Are Good, ActuallyContrary to critics’ claims, the movie is soft on neither the Soviet Union or the American security state.
  2. barbie world politics
    This Barbie Is Not a GeopoliticianWarner Bros. addresses “childlike” map that got the film banned in Vietnam.
  3. what is elon musk?
    Musk and Trump and a Little Steve JobsThe characterological origins of Tony Stark.
  4. encounter
    Platforming a Platformer of the DeplatformedThe premiere of Alex Lee Moyer’s new Alex Jones documentary is a blockbuster anti-Establishment crossover event.
  5. encounter
    Tribeca Festival’s Post-Film RebootJane Rosenthal has run it from the start and now has Murdoch money. And yes, it still shows movies.
  6. climate change
    Don’t Look Up Doesn’t Get the Climate CrisisIf stopping climate change just required cooperative billionaires and conscious voters, we’d already be saved.
  7. movies
    How The Matrix’s Red Pill Became the Internet’s Delusional Drug of ChoiceIt’s inspired a whole pharmacy’s worth of memes and cyberideologies — some playful, some hateful.
  8. nomadland
    No Country for the Old: On Nomadland and Some Kind of HeavenTwo films — Nomadland and Some Kind of Heaven — present very different visions of aging in modern-day America.
  9. yang gang
    Andrew Yang Enters NYC Mayor’s Race With Darren Aronofsky–Directed Campaign VidHis first order of business? Bring TikTok Hype Houses to New York.
  10. holler aunts
    Who Is Netflix’s Hillbilly Elegy For?The streamer’s piece of Oscar bait, based on J.D. Vance’s controversial memoir, is an exercise in elite arrogance.
  11. the coronavirus
    Dun Dun: New York City Resumes Film and TV Production on July 20Bill de Blasio said that “we want people to get their livelihoods back.”
  12. q&a
    A New Documentary Explores the Secrets and Lies of Roy CohnTrump mentor. Joe McCarthy protégé. AIDS victim. More than three decades after his death, he still haunts American life.
  13. coronavirus
    Close the Theaters. Close the Opera. Close the Concert Halls. Now.Yes, it will be brutal to the performing-arts economy. It’s also necessary.
  14. what?
    Trump Is Angry That Parasite Won Best Picture Instead of Gone With the WindIt’s so … metaphorical.
  15. the future issue
    In 2029, It’ll Be Harder to Write Science Fiction Because We’ll Be Living ItReality has grown unkind to our creators of dystopian fiction. It’s stealing their thunder.
  16. life in pixels
    Force Majeure Going Viral on Twitter Can Save CinemaOne Weird Trick for getting audiences to watch foreign and art house films.
  17. the political corner
    Sorry, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Had to Cancel Her Sundance AppearanceBlame the shutdown.
  18. games
    The Most Radical Sports Film I’ve Ever SeenSteven Soderbergh’s High Flying Bird takes aim at the whole system.
  19. politics
    Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Walked Out of ViceNice of them to make time to see a movie.
  20. select all
    Review: Netflix’s Tau Is Not a Good Movie, But It Takes Place in a Nice HouseThere are a few moments when the horror gives way to almost hominess — when it’s a little less Saw and a little more Better Homes and Gardens.
  21. select all
    ‘Our House Is Having a Nervous Breakdown!’: A Survey of Smart Homes in FilmIt can be thought-provoking and enlightening to examine how that technology is portrayed in works of fiction. It can also be silly and weird.
  22. Why Red and Blue America Can’t Netflix and ChillOn Facebook, Hillary Clinton supporters’ favorite movie is Harry Potter, while Trump supporters prefer God’s Not Dead … or Jackass.
  23. games
    ESPN’s Eight-Hour O.J. Documentary Is a MasterpieceO.J.: Made in America is going to blow your mind.
  24. Mississippi Isn’t Worried About BoycottsUnlike Georgia, it’s not vulnerable to pressure from Hollywood or major sports leagues.
  25. Disgraced Illinois ‘Hero’ Cop Spent Over $2,000 of Stolen Money on Movie TicketsCourt documents reveal that Fox Lake police lieutenant Charles Joseph Gliniewicz also spent his embezzled money on student-loan payments, porn, and eating out.
  26. really tied the village together
    Say Good-bye to NYC’s One-Stop Shop for Lebowski MerchThat about does ‘er, wraps ‘er all up.
  27. debates
    Will Intellectual Combat Ever Top Buckley-Vidal?As the superbly entertaining Best of Enemies shows, they don’t make ’em like those two anymore.
  28. q&a
    Jon Stewart on 16 Years of The Daily Show and His Directorial Debut RosewaterWhat do you do after years spent creating an American comic institution? If you’re this comedian, you might make a movie about torture.
  29. in conversation
    Jon Stewart on His Directorial Debut RosewaterWhat do you do after years spent turning a show into an American comic institution? If you’re this comedian, you might spend a summer making a movie about torture.
  30. santa barbara shooting
    Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen Not Happy to Find Themselves Linked to UCSB ShooterBy the Washington Post’s film critic.
  31. the sports section
    Michael Rapaport on His Knicks FilmWhen the Garden Was Eden premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival tomorrow.
  32. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Seems to Like That Mitt Romney Documentary If only it had been released during the campaign.
  33. it’s never too early to talk about 2016
    NBC’s Hillary Clinton Miniseries May Become a Fox Production Now that’s bipartisanship.
  34. the governator
    Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Return to Magazine Editing What, you didn’t know he did that?
  35. neighborhood news
    The Ziegfeld Theatre Might CloseIt’s been for sale since May. 
  36. local heroes
    Long Island’s 92-Year-Old Movie Bootlegger Is Untouchable Because he’s basically a saint.
  37. ink-stained wretches
    David Edelstein Reviews Page One: Inside the New York Times“What [filmmaker Andrew] Rossi misses is that until recently, the ‘Times’ was contemptuous of other media.”
  38. party chat
    Bang Bang Club Star Ryan Phillippe: Dead Photographers Are ‘Not the Only People Who Have Suffered’The premiere of a doc about war photographers debuts at a sad time.
  39. neighborhood news
    Most Despicable Manhattan Movie of the New Millennium Is Filming in BrooklynOf course?
  40. controversy
    Paul Haggis Has Heard From Some Angry ScientologistsYou knew there’d be some fallout.
  41. judgments
    Ed Koch Loves Cher, Doesn’t Think Christina Aguliera Is That HotThe former mayor of New York shares his thoughts on ‘Burlesque.’
  42. the most important people in the world
    Let’s Count the Number of Bad Ideas in This ‘Page Six’ Item About Lydia HearstWe count four. How many can you spot?
  43. motive
    David Mamet Convinced of Phil Spector’s InnocenceThe writer/director sheds a little light on why he chose to take on an HBO biopic of the imprisoned producer.
  44. too big to fail
    So Who Gets to Be Hotter in the Too Big to Fail HBO Adaptation Than They Are in Real Life?Answer: most people.
  45. party chat
    Robert De Niro Has Had the Same Trainer for 30 YearsMost leading males his age haven’t even had the same WIFE for 30 years.
  46. fi-cri fallout
    Demi Moore As Qualified As Anyone for High-Ranking Position at Financial FirmThe actress did rigorous research for her role as a chief risk officer of a financial firm in ‘Margin Call.’
  47. weird al greene
    Alvin Greene Wants Denzel Washington to Play Him in MovieThe Senate candidate “has received calls from all over the world.”
  48. chat room
    Filmmaker Gets Into The PitThrown into a pit and brutalized by commodities traders, Johanna Lee emerged with a documentary.
  49. sexandthecitymania!
    Magnolia Bakery Booted From Sex and the City Bus ToursIt’s the end of an era.
  50. oh great now money is going to run hollywood
    How Long Until Bettors Short Movies on HSX?Some news from La La Land has us worried — for them.
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