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    Mr. Met Is Sorry for Flipping Off FanThe mascot went rogue during Wednesday night’s game.
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    The Secret Service Wouldn’t Hesitate to Assassinate Mr. MetThey gave the mascot fair warning back in 1997.
  3. mayoral race 2013
    The NYC GOP Might Have the Answer to Their Mayoral Candidate SearchBut does Mr. Met really scream “Republican”?
  4. consolation prizes
    Mr. Met Voted Best Mascot in Major League BaseballFirst place in totally irrelevant standings.
  5. the most important people in the world
    Mr. Met Has a ColdThe Times profiles the elusive celebrity.
  6. Mr. Met Decapitated at Last Night’s DebateAs if watching the Phillies win the pennant wasn’t traumatic enough.
  7. in other news
    Brooklyn Chabads Battle Over Marty, Mr. MetWe love the Brooklyn Paper. It’s like the blog of our local print media. Their staff writes funny stories, they have good takes, and they tell us about very special things that we wouldn’t otherwise know about. Like, for example, the competing menorah-lighting ceremonies in Brooklyn earlier this week. The Chabad of Brownstone Brooklyn and the Chabad of Brooklyn Heights both hosted events on Tuesday night to celebrate the first night of Hanukkah. The gatherings, run by rabbis (who are in the same family) both claim to be the biggest in the borough and compete for the best guests (like Marty Markowitz and Mr. Met. No question who wins there). After the jump, the Paper’s genius tale of the tape comparing the contentious Chabad events.