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  1. awful things
    The Worst Reactions to Chelsea ManningEveryone is terrible.
  2. the most important people in the world
    Mika Brzezinski Shaming Miley Cyrus: Video“That was disgusting and embarrassing.”
  3. cable news
    4-Year-Old Mayor Gives Perfect MSNBC Interview, Could Not Care Less“Ice-cream shop!”
  4. great moments in cable news
    MSNBC Map Puts Every City in the Wrong SpotDid they just guess?
  5. cable-stained wretches
    Alec Baldwin Apparently Getting His Own MSNBC ShowOn Friday at 10 p.m.
  6. international intrigue
    Lawrence O’Donnell Vs. Julia Ioffe on RussiaThe MSNBC host “O’Reilly’d” the journalist over Snowden and Russia.
  7. cable news news
    MSNBC Explains It’s the ‘Place for Politics,’ Not Breaking NewsDon’t let the term “cable news” confuse you.
  8. the national interest
    MSNBC Goes on Nerd Hiring SpreeRachel Maddow, nerd pioneer.
  9. cable news news
    MSNBC’s Phil Griffin Calls Fox News ‘Loserville’Gossip from the MSNBC side of the cable news “knife fight.”
  10. cable-stained wretches
    Ed Schultz on Why He’s Not Being SidelinedSays he’s getting the “First whack at the Sunday Shows.”
  11. cable-stained wretches
    Ed Schultz Loses Weeknight Slot, As Predicted; Chris Hayes Moves Up [Updated]The host says he asked to go to weekends.
  12. linguistics
    Why Lean In or Forward: The Branding Behind the Gentle Command“It’s not a command, it’s more of a suggestion.”
  13. cable news news
    David Axelrod’s Mustache Lands Job at MSNBC, NBCHe’ll be a senior political analyst.
  14. cable news news
    Tom Ricks Isn’t a Fan of MSNBC EitherSorry, liberals.
  15. cable-stained wretches
    Ed Schultz Insists He’s Staying On, But MSNBC ‘Sources’ Say OtherwiseSchultz is mad at the Times’ Brian Stelter.
  16. it’s science
    MSNBC Manages to Overhype Record-Breaking 24-Mile Space JumpThey say Felix Baumgartner broke the speed of light.
  17. early and often
    James Lipton on the Debate: A New Romney DebutsThe “master thespian” gives Romney high marks and calls out Obama’s bad body language.
  18. master debaters
    Watch As Chris Matthews Grows Increasingly Upset Over Obama’s Debate Performance“I don’t know what he was doing out there.”
  19. cable news news
    NBC Finalizes Microsoft Divorce, Wins Custody of MSNBC.comNBC has already taken up with NBCNews.com.
  20. cable news news
    NBC and Microsoft Headed for DivorceNBC News gets custody of the website.
  21. cable news news
    CNN and Fox News Completely Bungle Health-Care Ruling [Updated]Never has live television been so confusing.
  22. cable news news
    CNN Had Its Worst Ratings Quarter in 21 YearsNews was very, very slow.
  23. cable news news
    MSNBC Launching Show With Multiple Pundits Named The CycleAs in, the news cycle. Right?
  24. stuck in the mittle
    MSNBC Not All That Sorry About Romney Pseudo-GaffeNetwork says it “did not edit anything out of order.”
  25. stuck in the mittle
    MSNBC Misrepresents Romney Speech, Invents Wawa ‘Gaffe’He actually wasn’t amazed by a convenience store sandwich.
  26. cable news news
    Dylan Ratigan Leaving MSNBC With Big, Vague PlansIt sort of sounds like he wants to run for office.
  27. u.s. troops died for this
    Chris Hayes ‘Uncomfortable’ With Word HeroAs always, you can count on Ann Coulter for a witty riposte.
  28. cable news news
    MSNBC Wants a Real WebsiteMSNBC.com might do.
  29. cable news news
    Why Is No One Watching CNN?Their ratings are the lowest they’ve been in ten years.
  30. weinergate
    Anthony Weiner: ‘Why the F*ck Am I Not on MSNBC?!’The former congressman really liked being on TV.
  31. Andrew Breitbart Lambasts MSNBC in Unaired Interview for Prepping the Race CardSays MSNBC hired Reverend Al Sharpton to be a “professional race arsonist.”
  32. cable news news
    Pat Buchanan Finally Out at MSNBCThe conservative commentator and the liberal network are no longer a pair.
  33. eye of newt
    John Heilemann on MSBC: Is Newt’s Campaign Almost Dead?R.I.P. the Angry Teddy Bear.
  34. cable news news
    MSNBC Apologizes for Reporting Romney’s Use of Ku Klux Klan PhraseThe controversial phrase is “Keep America American.”
  35. cable news news
    Al Sharpton Doesn’t Appreciate Republicans Eating All the Blueberry PieOr something.
  36. cable news news
    Joe Scarborough Wrote a Song About 9/11It is a country song.
  37. cable news news
    Al Sharpton Didn’t Know the Rules of Being on TVMSNBC life will be an adjustment for the civil rights activist.
  38. cable news news
    How Did Al Sharpton End Up With a Show on MSNBC?’PoliticsNation’ had a rocky premiere.
  39. cable news news
    Contessa Brewer to Disappear from MSNBC’s Daytime LineupShe’ll still appear on the weekends.
  40. cable news news
    Chris Hayes Has the Right Glasses to Be an MSNBC HostThat’s probably why they gave him his own show, right?
  41. cable news
    Heavy-Metal Preacher Sues Rachel Maddow for $50 MillionHe’s upset that she made fun of him.
  42. scary things
    Man Arrested for Stalking Tamron HallKevin Lee Miller lurked outside the MSNBC anchor’s home and followed her.
  43. media
    Pennsylvania Songwriter Hits Girlfriend After Refusing to Sing About HerMSNBC thinks this is FUNNY.
  44. ink-stained wretches
    Mark Halperin Suspended After Calling President Obama a ‘Dick’ on Live TVBlame it on MSNBC’s useless producers.
  45. media spats
    With Some Jabs at MSNBC, Keith Olbermann’s Countdown Arrives“I got in a little Twitter war with [Scarborough], and I made him cry.”
  46. video
    John Heilemann on Hardball: Is Palin a Kingmaker or Kingbreaker?Even if she doesn’t run, she could “dis” candidates into oblivion.
  47. no! bad!
    MSNBC Host Ed Schultz Called Conservative Radio Host Laura Ingraham a ‘Right-Wing Slut’Never a good idea.
  48. cable news news
    Michael Steele Joins MSNBC As a Political Analyst“I’m sure our discussions will be both informative and a bit spirited!”
  49. cable news news
    Joe Scarborough Loses It Over Confrontational Newt Gingrich VideoThe giggles have infected ‘Morning Joe.’
  50. 21 questions
    Dylan Ratigan Is a Violent ChefThe MSNBC host fills out our trademark questionnaire.
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