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  1. politics
    Greene and Gosar Won’t Be Punished for Hanging With White NationalistsHouse GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy even promised to restore the extremists’ committee assignments if Republicans win back the House.
  2. politics
    Paul Gosar, the MAGA Dentist, Promotes Fluoride Conspiracy TheoriesThe Arizona representative once crusaded for the fluoridation of public water. Now, he’s peddling debunked claims about its dangers.
  3. politics
    Representatives Greene and Clyde Fined Over $100k for Refusing to MaskIt’s a small price to pay for right-wing martyrdom.
  4. mtg
    Marjorie Taylor Greene Wonders What New York Has to Do With Homeland SecurityMarjorie Taylor Greene asked why a New York rep. leads the House Homeland Security Committee, apparently unaware of the state’s history or geography.