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Mueller Testimony

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    Senate Finds Russia Attempted to Interfere in Elections in All 50 States in 2016Released the day after Mueller’s testimony, a Senate report stated that Russia hacked into U.S. polls to an extent much greater than previously known.
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    Robert Mueller’s Testimony Before the House: LiveblogContinuous updates on the former special counsel’s long-awaited appearance before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees.
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    Mueller Defuses His ‘Bombshell’ Exchange With Ted Lieu on Obstruction of JusticeSpeaking with Ted Lieu, Mueller appeared to say that he would have indicted Trump if he could have, a quote he clarified in the Intelligence hearing.
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    A Glossary of References in Robert Mueller’s Congressional TestimonyAll the names and references you need to know, from Aaron Zebley to the OLC opinion.
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    Will Mueller Tell Democrats What They Want to Hear?Tying up loose ends in the report is one thing; labeling the president a criminal is another.
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    What to Expect From Robert Mueller’s House TestimonyWhat time the hearings begin, where to watch, and what to expect from the former special counsel known for his discretion.