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  1. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Clinton Will Only Work With Jason Segel If There Are Muppets InvolvedObviously.
  2. the third terminator
    Caddish Mayor Bloomberg Smooches Miss PiggyShould Diana Taylor start to worry about his wandering lips?
  3. muppetgate
    Goldman Sachs’ Muppet Scare Is OverCompany e-mails reportedly came back clean.
  4. wall street
    Dancing Muppets Tackle Goldman Sachs“Am I a muppet or a client?”
  5. goldman sachs
    Goldman and the Great Muppet CaperGoldman’s clients don’t care what they’re called, so long as the returns are big.
  6. Maybe This ‘Muppet’ Thing Was a MisunderstandingSome of Goldman Sachs’s clients really ARE Muppets.
  7. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg’s Five Most Awkward TV and Movie CameosFrom ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ to the ‘Muppets.’
  8. party lines
    Bloomberg and Roker at the Sesame Street Gala“We’re the same height and I’ve got the same kind of nose. Same coloring.”
  9. wonderful things
    Is Everyone Aware That There Are Dudes Dressed As Muppets Playing Xylophone in Our Subways?Hold on. This is something we all need to take note of.