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Murder Rate

  1. Experts: Murder Rate Appears to Have Stopped RisingThe rise in murder rates in many major cities appears to be over, but it’s left a legacy in reactionary “crime wave” rhetoric and policies.
  2. Murders Were Up Again in 2016 Across Major U.S. CitiesAn analysis shows a disturbing two-year trend in major cities.
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    Hottest New NYC Trend: Refraining From MurderShootings are also down.
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    New Yorkers Continue to Refrain From Shooting and Killing Each OtherThe murder rate is down again so far in 2013.
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    New Yorkers Are Killing Each Other Even Less This YearCongratulations, Gotham!
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    NYC Murder Rate a Little Lower Than It AppearsA few old murders count on this year’s total.
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    This Weekend’s Crime Wave: Gunfights in 4 Out of 5 BoroughsAt least six shootouts within 24 hours in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.
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    Murders and Rapes Are Up Citywide, With Alarming Increases in Certain NeighborhoodsAfter record lows, the numbers look bleak.
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    Men Hate Vegetables and Die EarlierMore than nine out of ten New York City men didn’t listen to their mothers at the dinner table.