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  1. awful things
    This Is the Worst Roommate Story You’ll Ever ReadOne scheming, sinister man. A dozen unsuspecting victims. The ultimate Craigslist nightmare.
  2. bill de blasio
    Bill de Blasio Is Using New York’s Murder Rate to DemagogueThe mayor doesn’t know why murder rates have risen in the city. But he’s using them for political purposes anyway.
  3. crime
    The Stabbing in Morningside ParkEvery generation, a crime tells a new story about New York. The murder of Tessa Majors is ours.
  4. crime
    13-Year-Old Boy Arrested in Murder of Barnard College StudentThe 13-year-old reportedly made statements linking himself to the murder of Tessa Majors, and a second suspect is in custody.
  5. foreign interests
    The Massacre of a Mormon Family in Mexico Will Hang Over the 2020 ElectionThis horrific example of Mexico’s security problems will likely become a fixture in Trump’s rhetoric on combating violence south of the border.
  6. marijuana
    Did Marijuana Legalization Really Increase Homicide Rates?A New York Times op-ed claims pot legalization increased violent crime, but the truth is a lot more complicated.
  7. playstation
    Florida Men Fatally Stabbed Ex-Roommate Over Alleged PlayStation Theft: PoliceThe murder weapon was a seven-inch chef’s knife.
  8. select all
    Scrappy-Doo Found Dead in Miami, ExplainedRest in pieces, Scrappy-Doo.
  9. select all
    Facebook to Hire 3,000 People to Watch Facebook Live for Murders and SuicidesWhat took it so long?
  10. crime
    Don’t Spit on Subway If You’re a Murder SuspectEspecially if two cops are standing next to you.
  11. Ex–Power Ranger Charged With Sword MurderIs this series cursed?
  12. Rod Covlin Tried to Marry Off His Young DaughterThe arranged marriage was part of a bizarre attempt to confiscate a $1 million trust fund.
  13. law and order
    Police Arrest Estranged Husband of Millionaire Money Manager for Her 2009 MurderHer 9-year-old daughter found her dead in the tub on the Upper West Side. She’d been strangled.
  14. crimes and misdemeanors
    Suspect in Killing of 3 Muslims Had Frequent Conflicts Over Parking“He kind of made everyone feel uncomfortable and unsafe,” said a neighbor.
  15. crimes and misdemeanors
    Was the Killing of 3 Muslim Students in North Carolina a Hate Crime?Some say they were slain over a parking dispute, not their religion.
  16. Construction Worker Charged With Kidnapping and Murdering Brooklyn LandlordOfficials say it was a botched robbery.
  17. crimes and misdemeanors
    Murdered Hasidic Landlord’s Kidnapper Caught on TapeSources believe the killers panicked in the snowstorm.
  18. murder
    There Were Zero Murders in NYC Last WeekHooray!
  19. crimes and misdemeanors
    Bronx Livery Cabbie Charged With Murdering Girlfriend, Putting Body in TrashAn illegally parked cab led to the arrest.
  20. crimes and misdemeanors
    Hate-Crime Murder Suspect Bragged, ‘He Thought He Was Tough, So I Shot Him’He pleaded not guilty to the murder of Mark Carson.
  21. London Authorities Have Two Suspects in Custody for Woolwich MurderWaiting to be questioned over Rigby’s death.
  22. crimes and misdemeanors
    Gay-Rights Supporters March to Protest Mark Carson’s MurderThough the suspect’s family insists it wasn’t a hate crime.
  23. trials
    Psychologist Murder Case to Last Even LongerIt took five years just to get to a mistrial.
  24. very sad things
    Harlem Man Charged in Stabbing Death of Deaf Teenage GirlfriendHe allegedly hid her body in a barrel.
  25. crimes and misdemeanors
    Man Charged With Killing Two, Burning Bodies on Howard BeachThe victims were planning to rob a group of drug dealers.
  26. crimes and misdemeanors
    Nanny Indicted for Fatally Stabbing ChildrenShe’s facing life with no parole.
  27. crimes and misdemeanors
    Nanny Charged With Killing Children Says She Resented Her EmployersBut she hasn’t confessed.
  28. cold case
    Man Formerly Suspected of Etan Patz Murder Set to Go FreeJose Ramos served 25 years for unrelated child molestation convictions.
  29. crimes and misdemeanors
    Nanny Accused of Fatally Stabbing Two ChildrenThe mother found her 2-year-old and 6-year-old in their bathtub.
  30. crimes and misdemeanors
    Teenage Boy Charged With Killing Mom, Leaving Body in Plastic ContainerPolice sources say he confessed to the crime.
  31. scary things
    Bronx Mother Found Murdered in Plastic ContainerTerrible.
  32. crimes and misdemeanors
    Levi Aron Sentenced to 40 Years to Life for Murdering Leiby KletzkyThere will be “letters waiting for the parole board” in 40 years.
  33. crimes and misdemeanors
    Levi Aron to Plead Guilty in the Murder of Leiby KletzkyHe faces 40 years to life.
  34. horrible things
    Teenage Lesbian Couple Shot in Texas ParkAuthorities say it doesn’t appear to be a random attack.
  35. cold case
    Pedro Hernandez Sanity Trial Postponed Three MonthsBoth sides say they need more time to investigate.
  36. cold case
    Patz Suspect Was Threatening, Hostile to Young NephewA more troubling account of Hernandez’s past emerges.
  37. cold case
    Hernandez Wrote Confession on Photo of Etan PatzDramatic detail underscores lack of physical evidence.
  38. cold case
    Etan Patz Suspect Called a ‘Good Neighbor’ and ‘Family Man’Who is Pedro Hernandez?
  39. neighborhood news
    New York City Murder and Fire Death Rates Near Record LowsMayor Bloomberg touted the public safety achievements at City Hall.
  40. horrible things
    Eight-Year-Old Brooklyn Boy’s Dismembered Remains Found [Updated]This story is horrible.
  41. the mob
    Mobster Vinny Gorgeous Gets Life in PrisonAnd narrowly avoids the death penalty.
  42. the mob
    Bonanno Mob Boss ‘Vinny Gorgeous’ Convicted of MurderHe could face the death penalty for this.
  43. love is blind
    Man’s Faith in Women Restored by Kind Nurse, Following Cruel Attempt on His Life“I’m a very lucky man.”
  44. crimes and misdemeanors
    Good News: Murders Are Down 17 PercentBad news: Rapes are up 24 percent.
  45. murder
    Duke Lacrosse Accuser Charged With MurderAnd this isn’t the first time.
  46. israel
    Israeli Family Murdered at West Bank SettlementThe Israeli military is searching the surrounding area for the assailant.
  47. joran van der sloot
    Joran van der Sloot Will Plead Guilty to Flores MurderAnd he’ll use the insanity defense.
  48. homicide
    Accused Murderer Renato Seabra Wants His Confession Thrown OutAnd he may not plead insanity.
  49. awful things
    Gay Ugandan Activist MurderedUgh.
  50. last wills and testaments
    Carlos Castro’s Ashes Poured Down Subway GrateHe loved New York.
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