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  1. the help
    Nude Housekeeper Thomas Cordero AcquittedCordero claimed self-defense.
  2. scary things
    Nude Housekeeper on Trial for Killing ClientThis was a fantasy gone very, very wrong.
  3. the help
    Nude Housekeeper Claims He Killed Customer in Self-DefenseHomicidal hookers by another name.
  4. awful things
    Male Model Admits to Killing Journalist BoyfriendThis story keeps getting uglier and uglier.
  5. murder
    Murdered Portuguese Journalist and Alleged Boyfriend Fought Over Sex, Money“I’m not gay.”
  6. murder
    Portuguese Journalist Reportedly Murdered at Times Square HotelCarlos Castro was reportedly castrated.
  7. soho house
    Nick Brooks Pleads Not Guilty in the Murder of Sylvie CachayToday was a weird day in court.
  8. homicide
    Former Bush and Reagan Aide Found Murdered in a Delaware LandfillJohn P. Wheeler III’s death was ruled a homicide.
  9. Second-Degree-Murder Charges in Soho House SlayNick Brooks’s charges are upped.
  10. murder
    Sylvie Cachay’s Death Ruled HomicideShe was strangled and drowned.
  11. murder
    Police Arrest Man for Murder of Woman Found in SuitcaseMalik Hassan reportedly confessed.
  12. terrible things
    Man Displays Remarkable Calm While Dropping Off Suitcase With a Body Inside“He’s got a body in his suitcase and he’s just standing there like nothing’s going on.”
  13. terrible things
    Dead Woman Found in a Suitcase on 114th StreetSpotted: a leg sticking out of a suitcase.
  14. creepy
    Bodies Found on Long Island BeachFour corpses have been found in recent days along one stretch of beach on Long Island.
  15. terrible things
    Somebody Got Murdered in the Happiest Town on EarthDisney’s Celebration, Florida, has its first violent crime.
  16. terrible things
    Connecticut Murderer Steven Hayes Officially Handed Death SentenceAnd that’s that.
  17. chandra levy
    Ingmar Guandique Found Guilty of Murdering D.C. Intern Chandra LevyGuandique is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador. He is not former congressman Gary Condit.
  18. crime
    Murder Suspect From Chelsea Diner Shooting Gets Caught on JumbotronEarle Barranco knows how to pick out distinctive jewelry.
  19. justice
    Note to Congressmen: Covering Up Your Affair With an Intern Isn’t Always the Best StrategyThe trial of the gang member accused of killing Chandra Levy in 2001 begins today.
  20. crime
    This Weekend’s Crime Wave: Gunfights in 4 Out of 5 BoroughsAt least six shootouts within 24 hours in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.
  21. murders
    Man Murdered at Manhattan’s Good Stuff DinerThe other patrons reportedly fled the scene.
  22. international intrigue
    The Case of the Dead Nicaraguan Diplomat Gets StrangerCésar Antonio Mercado Pavón started acting morbid months before his murder.
  23. crime
    A Killer Summer in New York CityRemember when the murder rate was heading toward zero?
  24. why they hate us
    Government’s Goose Genocide Just Getting StartedUm, that’ll show ‘em — but it’s sick.
  25. crime
    First Half of 2010 Sees Increases in NYC Violent CrimesIncidences of murders, rapes, and shootings have all risen.
  26. sad things
    Three Murdered in Bushwick, Bedford-StuyvesantThough the incidents all occurred around the same time in the same neighborhood, they were apparently unrelated.
  27. stupid crime of the day
    If You Want to Off Your Husband, Don’t Just Ask Any Old Cabbie for HelpEven though it seems like the odds are probably good he’d help you.
  28. ripped from the headlines
    Joran van der Sloot Confesses to Peru MurderSo, yes, he did kill a girl five years to the day after Natalee Holloway’s disappearance.
  29. sad things
    Angry Former Colleague Guns Down Yale DoctorIn front of his pregnant wife, no less.
  30. culture wars
    The BBC Smotherer Has Been Arrested for MurderHere we go …
  31. cat killer
    Serial Cat Killer Avoids JailYou may want to keep your cats close by tonight.
  32. good news
    Fewer People Were Murdered in New York This Year Than Any Year on RecordThere were even some days when nobody was killed at all!
  33. crime
    Murder Weapon Missing in Bizarre UWS CaseThis strange story takes another mysterious turn.
  34. crime
    Senseless Murder on the D TrainMan stabbed to death in argument over seat.
  35. fort hood
    Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan Still Alive After Killing 12, Wounding 31 at Fort HoodHasan was working as a counselor for soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington before he was transferred to Fort Hood to prepare for his own deployment later this month.
  36. Bouncer Found Guilty in Imette St. Guillen MurderIn light of damning circumstantial evidence, Darryl Littlejohn was convicted of rape and first-degree murder.
  37. in other news
    Times Square Club-Murder Victim May Have Lived If She Were a CelebrityThat’s what fellow partygoer LisaRaye McCoy, a former CW star, surmises.
  38. in other news
    Being Helpful in New York Can Be the Death of YouOne man is beaten and another is stabbed to death while attempting to rescue others.
  39. in other news
    Felix Dennis: ‘I Killed a Man’The former Maxim publisher makes (and later tries to retract) the bombshell statement in a booze-fueled interview with the Times of London.