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  1. mustaches
    Movember Is Actually Hurting Razor-Maker’s Bottom LineThe scourge of altruistic mustaches.
  2. early and awkward
    David Axelrod Really Loves His DaughterHe let people shave his mustache on live TV this morning.
  3. early and awful
    Joe Scarborough Buys His Way Out of Mustache BetHe’s giving lots of money to a good cause, but still.
  4. early and awesome
    What Joe Scarborough Would Look Like With Ten Famous MustachesObama won Florida. Scarborough lost his bet. Now he has to grow a ‘stache.
  5. photo op
    Michael Steele’s Mustache Is No MoreWhat happened!?!
  6. party chat
    Matthew Broderick’s Family Largely Ignoring His New Mustache“My daughters have said nothing, and my wife has not commented on it.”
  7. weinerstache
    Today in Ill-Considered Facial HairThe Anthony Weiner edition.
  8. early and awkward
    The Real Reason Weprin Lost: His Mustache?At least one Democratic district leader is blaming the facial hair.
  9. the sports section
    A Slideshow of Michael Phelps’s Mustache Doing Various ThingsReally, what can’t that thing do?
  10. mesmerizing facial hair
    Rupert Murdoch May Hire Amazing Mustache As His Second-in-CommandChase Carey may return to News Corp. to take over as Rupert’s second-in-command.
  11. the sports section
    Jason Giambi’s Mustache Has Been Vanquished!Despite the Yankees’ massive mustache push, the Bronx Bomber didn’t make it into the All-Star Game.