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My God Is This Election Over Yet

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    One Texas Town Is Producing a Lot of Wackos on Election DayOne protester dressed in a Kiss costume and a Trump mask. The other carried a sign reading “Faggots Vote Dem” and a gun.
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    Trolls Are Sending Entire Classic Novels to Terrible Voter-Fraud SiteSomeone submitted the entirety of Moby-Dick.
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    Will Everyone Please Stop Googling to See Who Taylor Swift Is Voting ForThere have been more searches to find out which candidate Taylor Swift is voting for than there have been for any other famous person.
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    A Fun New Meme: What Are You Planning to Do on November 9?A former U.S. congressman threatened to grab his musket on November 9 and inspired a meme.
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    The Truth Behind That Viral Hillary Clinton Selfie PhotoRead this before you blame millennials for yet another thing.