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My Own Private Idaho

  1. photo op
    Times Square Is Safe There were two foiled car-bomb attempts in London Friday, a car-cum-fireball was driven into the Glasgow airport Saturday, and the British government has described the attacks as Al Qaeda–connected and raised the country’s terror-alert level to its highest setting, which suggests an attack is believed to be imminent. Meantime, back in New York, part of JFK was evacuated after what turned out to be cologne was left unattended in a terminal, and an abandoned car with brooms inside caused cops to close Riverside Park for a few hours while the hazmat team was brought in. So we guess we find it reassuring that there were SWATish-looking cops — with machine guns! — in Rockefeller Center on the way to work this morning, plus, apparently, rows of other cops on cute little motorcycles in Times Square. We especially dig the little scootery things.