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  1. books
    Hillary Clinton Retiring to Mystery Books, Co-Writing With Louise PennyState of Terror is out October 12.
  2. mysteries
    The Great 21st-Century Treasure HuntWas there a better way to spend the past decade than on a maddening, deadly, brain-scrambling search for gold hidden somewhere in the American West?
  3. politics
    Nikki Haley’s Rare Feat: She Did It Her Way, Not Trump’sDespite significant foreign policy differences in the GOP, she managed to avoid alienating either faction — or her notoriously volatile boss.
  4. Doctors Can’t Explain What Happened to the Brains of U.S. Diplomats in Cuba“It’s like a concussion without a concussion,” one doctor said.
  5. Doctors Find Abnormalities in Brains of ‘Sonic Attack’ VictimsInvestigators think the so-called “sonic attack” on U.S. embassy workers in Cuba has been mislabeled.
  6. mysteries
    Rand Paul Hints That His Assault Wasn’t Gardening-RelatedHe shared links to news reports in which multiple neighbors praise his lawn and describe him as “first class in every way.”
  7. mysteries
    Were U.S. Tourists Also Sickened by the Mysterious Attacks in Cuba?One U.S. traveler told the Associated Press that he suffered similar symptoms on a 2014 trip to Havana.
  8. mysteries
    The Search for MH370 Seems to Be Over. What Now?The two-year, $180 million investigation has failed, and despite the identification of a new search zone, the mystery may remain unsolved.
  9. There May Be a Tiny, Mysterious Art Museum Hidden on the MoonNobody knows for sure.
  10. flight mh370
    MH370 Pilot Flew Suicide Route on Home SimulatorThe FBI recovered the data from a hard drive, but Malaysian authorities have not made the finding public.
  11. mysteries
    Scientists in London Have New Evidence on Bansky’s IdentityBut they’re more interested in tracking terrorists.
  12. mysteries
    How an American May Have Found a Piece of MH370The 58-year-old lawyer had been searching the Indian Ocean for the better part of a year.
  13. mysteries
    Cops Release Video of 2014 Oheka Castle ShootingSuffolk County police have released footage of the shooting of Long Island power broker Gary Melius and are asking the FBI for help investigating now. 
  14. mysteries
    Police Raid Home of Reported Bitcoin CreatorAustralian police said their “presence at [his] property is not associated with the media reporting overnight about bitcoins.”
  15. About That Airplane Part That Was Supposed to Solve the MH370 Mystery …It’s been a month since that flaperon washed up on the shore of the island of La Réunion.
  16. mysteries
    Ex-Congressman Aaron Schock Might Be MissingOr he’s really good at avoiding process servers.
  17. mysteries
    Las Vegas Man Admits He Lied About How Harry Reid Injured His EyeHe made up the report about Reid’s fight with his brother … so the Mafia story has to be true!
  18. mysteries
    Germanwings Co-Pilot May Have Intentionally Crashed the Plane [Updated]One pilot was reportedly banging on the door as the plane went down, but there was no answer.
  19. mysteries
    Director of Rivers’s Clinic No Longer ThereOr anywhere else, it seems.
  20. mysteries
    We Still Don’t Really Know What Happened to Joan Rivers Unsurprisingly, the clinic where she stopped breathing is being cagey. 
  21. mysteries
    A Piece of a Commercial Plane Ended Up in a Long Island Yard, SomehowNot comforting.
  22. oh brooklyn
    Brooklyn Gives UpTwo white flags flew from the Brooklyn Bridge this morning.
  23. gross things
    Upstate Road Covered With Smelly Mystery MeatA truly gross situation. 
  24. mysteries
    Malaysia Airlines Executive Confirms Public’s Suspicions About Missing PlaneNot the black-hole thing. 
  25. mysteries
    Someone Left Burning Lamborghini at Foot of GWB Wonder why. 
  26. mysteries
    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Satellite Data to Be Released to the PublicAlong with an explanation of what it means.
  27. mysteries
    Iconic Radio Personality Casey Kasem Has Gone MissingHis children believe that his wife moved him to an Indian reservation in Washington state.
  28. crimes and misdemeanors
    Misters Softee Suspect Mister Softee of Truck RobberiesYou’d think these guys could trust each other.
  29. flight 370
    Flight 370’s Black-Box Batteries Have Probably Died It’s been days since searchers heard a ping.
  30. flight 370
    Search for Flight 370 Continues as Plane’s Black-Box Battery Life DwindlesFinding the aircraft could take “years,” according to officials.
  31. mysteries
    France Also Spotted Possible Flight 370 Debris Close to where Australia and China detected similar objects.
  32. mysteries
    China Also Spots Possible Debris From Flight 370Not too far from where Australian satellites detected objects.
  33. flight 370
    Flight 370 Pilot Deleted Files From Home Flight Simulator Though officials caution the public against blaming the crew for the plane’s disappearance.
  34. flight 370
    Malaysia Can’t Keep Its Flight 370 Time Line StraightNow the government is saying the communication system went off after the last communication.
  35. flight 370
    Pilot Spoke After Communications System ShutdownBut did not say that anything was wrong.
  36. the bitcoin bubble
    After Newsweek Reveal, Man Insists He Isn’t Bitcoin’s CreatorHe’s never heard of “Bitcom,” or is pretty good at pretending.
  37. mysteries
    Why Is This Baby So Afraid of Brian Williams?He also doesn’t seem to like Kerry Kennedy.
  38. sad things
    Manhattan Court Visit Turns Deadly for Rikers InmateWeirdly, almost all details still unavailable.
  39. mysteries
    Duct-Taped Human Leg Found in East RiverNot good.
  40. mysteries
    Joe Biden Fist-Bumped Ray KellyWhat does this mean?
  41. photo op
    What’s Going on With Obama’s Leg?Take a look. 
  42. mysteries
    NYPD Cops Embrace Darth Vader’s Theme Song Police cruisers have been witnessed playing the “Imperial March.”
  43. mysteries
    5 Theories for Why Justin Bieber Hates Bill ClintonHere are some theories. 
  44. oh florida
    Florida’s Huge Lottery Winner Still Hasn’t Come ForwardSomeone doesn’t want their $590 million.
  45. things that are awful
    A Year Later, Skeleton Found in Bed-Stuy ApartmentPolice want help identifying.
  46. mysteries
    Would Anne Frank Have Been a Belieber? An InvestigationWe weigh the evidence.
  47. mysteries
    Why Do We Print the President’s Budget?So many copies of it.
  48. mysteries
    Gosling’s Heroic Act, One Year LaterGosling has never discussed it.
  49. mysteries
    So, What Exactly Is the Deal With Dennis Rodman?Why is he praising Kim Jong Un so excessively?
  50. crimes and misdemeanors
    Missing Woman Found Tied Up in Her PajamasMarisha Cheong disappeared on Dec. 19.
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